Sunday, August 23, 2015

I Wear My Sunglasses At Night

Today's blog is canceled due to the fact that I have photophobia due to either a scratch on my eye from rubbing it too hard yesterday morning.  (I have lens implants from surgery) OR viral pink eye (no discharge) or allergic pink eye (which I have every symptom for and don't for the others)  In either case the glare of the lap top blog page is too white and too bright on the lowest setting for me to continue.   For those of you that are already worried, it doesn't hurt as much as yesterday and its not really pink only a little bloodshot.  This is why I think I may have damaged a lens or scratched my eye.  I'm on vacation on Wednesday afternoon and if it's not better by then I will go in and see someone without having to pay for the emergency room fees, which I can't afford. 

Thank goodness for sun glasses.  I not only wear them outside but inside when the sun comes up.  HEY, maybe I'm a vampire. 

Updates to follow if necessary.