Sunday, July 31, 2016

Don't Boo, Vote

If we don't pull together now we never will.  If the threat is more of the same vs dictatorship, I'll take more of the same.  If the choice is to stand together for real change just to watch a dictator gain power because we are a split party between democratic, liberal and green, I can't do that.  I've seen presidential candidates lose because a third party got just enough votes to make it impossible for the right man to win.  And Bush won.  Gore did not.  And Nadar walked away with votes that could have gone to Gore.  A man who believes in science and global warming lost to a man who got us so far in debt we crashed and sent us to an unwinnable war for oil.  Had Gore won, perhaps a lot of what Nadar stood for would have found its way into being law.  Just as I believe if Hillary wins a lot of what Bernie tried to do will find its way into law.  I believe Bernie is still a powerful politician for the people and will do more good on the floor than in the Oval. 

I honestly believe that a hot headed, emotion driven man, like Trump should not have his hand on the button to send bombs to countries over a disagreement in business.  He will treat the presidency like a reality show and not as if real lives were at stake or the consequence of his decisions.  We the people won't matter to him as much as it will to Hillary.  Or to Stein or to Johnson.  But we as a party can't even get behind one third party candidate like in the Gore/Bush/Nadar year.  So the votes for a real change will be even further split.  I'm willing to listen with both the hemispheres of my soul in full attendance.   My heart and mind will be united come November when I cast my vote.  But if my chosen party is still divided, I will vote for the person who is most likely to win against a dictator.  I will not be part of THAT problem.  My parents talked of Hitler and his rise to power with great awe and wonder at how it happened so fast, and the poor German people split forever by his tyranny.   They spoke highly of the Roosevelts and never blamed them for their wealth only marveled at their ability to see outside of their birthright and want to help everyone.  They created a middle class in this country when it was unfathomable just how many were unemployed.  For an idea of what FDR inherited watch the PBS documentary on The Roosevelts.   The Clinton's may be the only people in Washington that can save us from a dictator.  The Obama years have been a climb back for many of us, and history-making eight years.  I'm for more history making in electing the first Woman President of the United States and also the first person to have been A First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State before being President.  But let me make myself as clear as I can.  I will elect anyone that is running now before a dictator. 

Here is the problem as I see it.

This means I have to trust my media.

Which I do not.  They will tell us who to vote for and right now they are telling us to vote for Hillary.  That she alone is the only one that can beat a dictator.  When we know her numbers aren't that great against him, not like Bernie's was.  And if Bernie's followers, like me, are this wishy-washy about falling in with Hillary, imagine how close this race is going to be?  She will scramble now to get us all behind her.  She has no choice but to promise us the moon.  And then be called a liar for not being able to deliver it.  No one could give us the moon!  But the only thing the dictator will give us is hate and fear.  He will also give us a police state and take away more of our freedoms than you can imagine and very quickly.  No, he doesn't have supreme power, yet. But the powers he does have, with the right 'event', would surprise you.  He can do many things on his own and the house and senate are his party right now. 

So the real problem is not just the Presidency, but the over 80% of the House and Senate up for re-election.  We need terms  set like the Presidency to get rid of our long term politicians who have destroyed this country and we need to stop electing the ones with all the experience.  All the boys club.  I know what you're thinking.  Hillary is the one with all the experience.  She's a part of the boys club.  And that by my logic the dictator should win.  And that's what scares me.  This logic of mine says that we must run from the experience and embrace change.  But not his change.  We must never forget what can happen when you give a small man with no control over his emotions and rage, power.  We must remember Napoleon, Hitler, and Kahn. 

We have the power to elect a woman with experience that knows how to deal with foreign powers and already has a good relationship with them.  Even if you don't agree with the relationship she has that relationship has kept war from our shores for eight years.  We have the power to give her a Democratic, Green and Liberal House and Senate.  Here is where we can make the right and great change.  The republican party is splitting too.  There are republican's backing Hillary because they see this writing on the wall and realize nothing is more important than stopping a dictator.  That we need to rise together to do this as a nation and sort out other issues after he is not a threat. 

I am amazed at the amount of people in my country that believe a dictator will give them what they want.  And that some of them, most of them, want what he is preaching.  This election has been the saddest of my adult life so far, because it has shown me that the stereotype of the bigot in America is not something from our embarrassing past, but is still running rampant across this great country, driving pickup trucks, shooting automatic weapons, and just waiting for it to be fashionable again to bring out the good linen and the lynching ropes.  The old saying 'the south will rise again' may be closer than you think. 


Sunday, July 24, 2016

What Happened To The Golden Rule

What a week.  So many stressful things happened since my birthday.  My bronchitis flared up.  First Daughter had a huge break up with Fave.  Friends have had falling outs with family members.  Scammers tried to convince me if I didn't pay back taxes that I don't owe to them via electronic cards or at my door, I was going to jail.  Funny they don't even have my current address but the IRS does.  I hate scammers.  Donald Trump won the GOP.  Hillary Clinton won the DNC.  And I'm still trying to wrap my head around voting for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson.  Go GREEN!  Go Liberal!  But don't go two party.  We really need to fix our country and our earth, and the same old same old is not going to do it. Where are the Roosevelt's, Lincolns, and Carters....the presidents from privilege that tried to help ALL Americans?  Because they felt that was their duty for BEING PRIVILEGED. 

I feel like my own little world has enough stress in it without the entire world going crazy.  What's happening to everyone.  We have so many problems in our world that need fixing and everyone is focused on an issue.  Weather it's equality for women or black lives matter.  We are passionate.  Some of us are passionate about everything.  We are the ones that get called crazy when we don't agree with the rich, white, men that are trying to rape this world as they have raped us since the beginning of time.   

I'm getting really sick of egotistical, privileged, white people making every issue about them.  Black lives matter.  Period.  Stop adding all lives matter.  You sound stupid.  Stop trying to make the raping of women the woman's fault.  You sound stupid.  Stop electing senators and representatives for life long service and giving them the power to tell you how to have children, or who to have sex with, or how to kill innocent people and children for oil, or poison our food, or kill our climate.  You know this isn't Star Trek...we have no other planet to go to. 

My mind wont shut off, from all the chatter of the world and all the hate that is in it.  I find it harder and harder to believe in my fellow human, like I once did as a child.  I was taught the police were there to protect you, now I'm as afraid of being accused of being attacked at attacked.

We need to remember that we are all humans.  We are star stuff.  We are souls wearing meat suits traveling on a planet shaped space ship through the universe at speeds unimaginable, and our favorite pastime is hurting and killing each other.  If I were mother nature I'd select us for extinction.  And perhaps that's exactly what is going on.

Welcome to the hottest year on record...again...but global warming is a lie.
I'm sick of humans
I'm sick of hate
I'm sick of stupid people that don't care and hide behind being Christians
I'm sick of being ashamed of my race

Sunday, July 17, 2016

All passes - Art alone endures

What a fab time at the Chicago DeTours 1893 World's Fair Tour with Bars and Food tour.  I can't even begin to describe all the marble staircases and intricate metal work accent designs and the amazing architecture of the marble brick and mortar buildings of this era.  To get an opportunity to not only see the insides of these buildings (well most, The Palmer House is so exclusive they don't allow tours) was a real gift.  I'm grateful to have been invited by my Neighbor Ez and her friend.

I posted the best of the pictures I took yesterday starting with The Congress Plaza Hotel, which was our first drink stop.  the crystal rectangular chandeliers and mosaic tile work were breathtaking, but the metal work clock stole the show.  They even had a popcorn maker from the time, which was a new gourmet treat in 1893.

We then walked to the Roosevelt University with its huge marble columns and marble and iron staircases fit for Scarlet Ohara to descend, well I was swept away to a time that I now wish I could have seen.  How impressive to be standing in such history and see a building built with only marble and mortar, not steel supports, still not only standing but seem much more able to stand forever than some of the modern buildings that grace our skyline.  

It was at the Fine Art building next where we saw the phrase All Passes - ART Alone Endure over the entrance, and that statement proved true.  Not only with all the huge hallways all in, you guessed it marble, and the beautiful paintings and interior architecture, but the only human working elevator left in downtown Chicago.  All twelve of us barely fit into the elevator and the operator carefully watched the floors go by and had to guess at where the floor would meet the elevator.  So while the ride itself was very quiet and smooth, the stop was a bit jumpy as he made his selection.  While this skill was obviously learned from experience he made it look a lot easier than I'm sure it was.  The view from the 10th floor was beautiful.  We could see from Navy Pier to the planetarium.   

We then walked by a small alley, which reminded me of Diagon alley in HP,  that people used to claim survived the great Chicago fire, however, that information is not correct.  It is called Pickwick Place and what once was a mutton shop with an apartment for the owner above it is now a coffee shop.  I must go back there when it's open. 

We then arrived at Berghoff Bar, which in its day was a workingman's rowdy bar, with no women allowed until 1960, when Gloria Steinem went in and refused to leave until served.  Yay Women's movement. We all sat down and had a 1893 Worlds fair type meal with beer flight or wine and a brought worst with german potato salad and a strange new creation for that time, chili con carne.  They also have the number one, so first, liquor license in the city of Chicago which they kept during prohibition by selling root beer.  The painting and stained glass were lovely there along with the woodwork.  Dark heavy wood everywhere, I felt like it could have been a bar in any D&D story I had played. 

The Palmer House was next and I wish we could have seen it.  But they don't allow tours, so the mystery of one of the most exclusive hotels in Chicago will have to wait. 

The next stop I'd actually been in before, the Target downtown which is their flag store is set in a beautiful pillared building and iron and wood worked revolving doors which target of course has kept in all it's 1893 glory.  Good for them. 

The final stop was at the Chicago Atheltic Associaton where I have also been before for a birthday party in The Game Room, which in 1893 was called the Emerald battle.  For the green felt on the pool tables.  There are still pool tables in the game room but it's been updated of course with more modern games as well.  The woodwork again here was dark and the lightings original fixtures cast a luminance that both warmed and secluded.  For meetings both business or forbidden, with secluded corners and several bars and restaurants including some of the hottest stops in Chicago right now, with lines that we didn't really want to stand in.  So once our tour officially ended, my friends took me on an after tour, tour.  And we sampled tapas and more martinis at Mercat near the Blackstone.  I even was passed a free drink card from a passerby which will force me to go back. Oh darn!  Oh I almost forgot that my team won the most points in the scavenger hunts we did throughout the tour and our price was hand rolled candy from Whimsical Candy company, and it was yummy.

My personal facebook page has pictures posted if you are curious to see some of these beautiful Chicago landmarks from before 1893.  Enjoy



Sunday, July 10, 2016

Wake Up America! Revolution Now!

This has been a difficult week for humans in America.  Especially if you have an opinion about what has been happening to black America and our police force.  Now I'm not generalizing, but it's happening in so many places that I'm forgetting the cities and the names of the victims.  This is a form of shock.  And I think no matter what your opinion you might be able to agree that you are in shock or at least surprised at what's been happening.  How out of fear we are attacking each other and bringing about a possible martial law from our government. 

Now I'm not one of those that wants guns taken away.  I don't think that's possible or safe.  Criminals will always find a way to get what we don't want them to have.  I'd like to see them more regulated but so would a lot of gun owners.  So having a gun to protect your home is your constitutional right.  Or is it?  Wasn't that amendment created for a militia?  Oh and didn't they carry muskets back then, not automatic weapons?  I was interested in the amount of people that had guns on them during the sniper attack of the policemen in Dallas, and not one of them (20) tried to stop what was going on.  But wasn't that a huge argument over having concealed carry?  That we could step in and protect the innocent or attacked?  However I've always suspected that most citizens only want a gun in their home, to protect from theft or attack in their homes.   That none of the concealed carry people would really ever interfere once the police were on the scene for fear of doing the wrong thing and being charged with a crime.  If this is the case then why do we need to be armed in public as citizens?  Having 20 innocent civilians running to get away from the sniper and the sniper, who do the police chase?  Who is guilty?  Who is among the snipers possible helpers?  Could it look like there were 21 snipers to the police?  Dallas could have been even more tragic if the police had been twitchy that day. 

And that's another thing.  Our police are getting twitchy.  And they were before Dallas.  This will just make it worse.  I understand that the sniper was upset, we all are.  But violence like this is not the answer.  White people need to step up for our black brothers and sisters and we need to be more outraged than they are.  We need to be vocal.  We need to stop our friends and family from answering All Lives Matter after Black Lives Matter.  Because that's not the point is it?  Of course all lives matter.  What we need to make our judicial system and police system understand is that EVERYONE deserves the privileged that white America gets when stopped by the police, or at a hearing judged by our peers.  Its stressful enough to be in that situation without having to worry that you might die or be sent to jail for most of your life for a crime that a white person gets 6 months (3 months with good behavior). 

It doesn't stop with those rights and privileges.  There are many more inequalities among black, brown, female, gay groups that rich white men with power are undermining.   And we as a nation need to wake up and realize they are trying to turn us against each other.  If they can play upon old fears from before the civil war, or during the 1960's civil rights movement, then they have won.  If they can get us to fight each other then we won't notice the martial law descend or be able to stop our rights being stripped away from us.  The Constitution was written by our forefathers to protect us from a government that could happen in the future.  A government like the one we have grown into now.  I'm afraid for my fellow Americans.  America used to be the place people ran to for freedom.  I wonder where we can run.....


Sunday, July 3, 2016

Gym Time

I'm very late posting my blog this Sunday, but I have a really good excuse.  I joined a gym yesterday and this morning was my second day.  I plan on working out Monday, Wednesday and Friday after work and Saturday and Sunday on my mornings off.  With Tuesday and Thursday being my no gym days.  I learned the machines yesterday and did 20 minutes of cardio.  I know I should do 30 but this was my first day back at a gym since I worked at LHI or had my last membership with She of Little Combat Boots was getting into shape before boot camp.  WOW.  Now she's a Lt. Col of Little Combat Boots, and sadly for me is in much better shape than I am.  But not for long.  MAWHAHAHAHAHA.  (Just kidding.  I don't want her to have to kill me.)  Anyway, she is one of my inspirations to getting back in shape.  The other inspiration other than myself of course, which is always going to be first and have the first consideration, is Mr. Hopeful. 

I know, right?  I just turned back into that girl, that really wants him.  But knows it's not a good idea.  Drama didn't used to bother me much in romance when I was young.  You might even say I was heartless a couple of times.  Once with my second husband, Darth Vader, and the other time with Guezzo.  Of course you can't always be the good guy, unfortunately most of us never really see where we are the bad guy.  Especially if our hearts are in the right place, if we've convinced ourselves we are doing good.  Even if others might scoff and argue well meaning and judgemental advise.  The heart wants what the heart wants.  Acceptance of that fact of human nature can completely erase jealousy, which is just competition and attachment, which  we all know leads to the dark side.  And I can't walk that path anymore.  So I choose acceptance.

My heart wants so many things.  And on rare moments I get my hearts fulfillment.  Of course, I've come to believe that I'll never see in my lifetime the hearts desires I have for my planet, and its life.  ALL it's life.  But I pray and worship to the Goddess and cast when it feels necessary.  I've always followed my own path and I finally don't feel guilty or wrong in that.  I assume that's what fifty gives ya. 

Off to Sunday brunch with my neighbor Ezzzmarelda without the Ezzz.  Cheers