Sunday, September 27, 2015

Test For Echo Part Two

Day eight!  I hate the common cold.  It's almost everything the flu is without being flat on your back.  But by the end of the day, you feel like you need to be flat on your back.  Its a rainy and cloudy day in Chicago this morning, and I was so hoping it would be clear for the harvest moon, lunar eclipse tonight.  Hopefully this will clear up by then.  One of the best things about all this technology we have is someone will get great pictures of it and post them tomorrow.  Maybe even without Photoshop. 

One of the worst things is that we are all becoming much more physically alone while we amass more and more electronic relationships.  Without all this technology I wouldn't be able to stay in touch with all my loved ones and friends that I hold dear, but sometimes, I wish it wasn't so easy to stay in touch.  I miss that random phone call from friends wanting to just hang out and be together talking, or in today's vernacular 'chat'.  The internet and social media has replaced the evening dropping by of friends, just to be social.  Just to keep in touch and see what's new.  It has made it much too easy to have two lives or three, or more. 

Having it all.  A life you live every day with your favorite people. Sometimes those are your family and sometimes not.  And then the others in your life on the internet.  The ones that came in a close second when you were picking and choosing where you would live.  Now some of these people are just as important as the ones around you.  In my case, most of my internet contact are more important than the people I see daily, but that's not true of many of you.  Some are the lives you wish you could have chosen.  The ones that got away.  The safety nets.  This reality is a sad statement on how we are evolving. 

Before the internet, where we can store our secret lives and people we wish we could be near, we had to make actual life choices.  Choices that took you down a road where you knew you'd never see or talk to that person again.   And I think, then, the choices we made were more honest.  Certainly more final.  Some of those roads I walked away from have found me again in the world wide web.  And it's interesting to see how their lives unfolded without me by their sides, as I once was.  Its also very reassuring to reconnect with lost loves and old friend and see that the real reason you liked each other in the first place is still there.  Of course there is a down side to this too, some of the ones that have found me are not the same, or didn't grow in the right direction for me to feel that connection still.  They are either too bitter and cynical or just don't have the same political, religious, or sexual ideas that we shared in the past.  Such is life.  We grow and change and once we've taught all we can to another soul we move on.  It's why some of your friends change throughout your life.  You are still teaching and learning.

But then there are some friends that come and they just wont leave! EVER!  These are the ones that really know you and the ones you continue to learn from and grow together.  The ones that stand by you no matter how depressing you get about yourself; they are there to lift you up as you are when they start to doubt life and change.  These are ones that know your life, that check in weekly or daily or whenever life gives them a chance.  The ones that would pop in if the internet weren't around.  The ones that would have chosen you to be near.  If they could.  The ones that know, life would not be the same without you in it.  These are the ones, you need to keep in your life.  Not just because you need them but, pay attention now this is the important part, THEY NEED YOU.  That's right.  Internet relationships are just as real and carry just as much of our hearts and minds as the ones who we can reach out and touch.  Its how we are evolving, and changing.  And there's no stopping it now.


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Too Sick To Write

What a great time with Ginger Snap yesterday and Friday night.  He came over to spend the night with his grandma, and we ate junk food and started construction on the Lego Death Star. We stayed up until 10:30, which is the equivilant of an all nighter for a seven year old, and worked on it again all day Saturday until it was time to go to his house, and watch him and his little brother for a few hours so Second Daughter and Second Son could have some adult time at a wedding.  All in all it was a great weekend until, while on my way home from their house, I started to have a scratchy throat and couldn't stop sneezing.

You guessed it.  So sick this morning.  I hope I can kick it before work tomorrow.  I need groceries and should do laundry, although if that had to wait a day it could, but food cannot.  Maybe I can have them delivered.  We shall check the funding and see.  :)

I should edit Act Two but I think in this state it wouldn't be worth keeping, but I might still attempt it if I can't sleep.  I was having so much fun or so busy the last few days that I missed Mr. Hopeful three separate times that he tried to reach out to me.  Well two for sure and one I almost missed but he couldn't really talk at our usual weekly time anyway this week.  But it made me feel good to know I was in his thoughts and that he tried again.  It made me feel good to be busy too, though.  I think, sometimes, that a great deal of my social life is waiting to chat with him. 

I really wish I felt better.  I also wish I had access to BBC for new Doctor Who.  Makes being sick worse somehow knowing I have to wait a year for it to get to Netflix.  Where are the fan boy links when you need them.  The SAFE ones.  LOL


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Wonder Woman's 40th Surprise Party

The first draft of the play is finished.  And yesterday was spent formatting and editing the first act.  And I must say that I'm pretty pleased with my ability not only to write the damn thing in two weeks, which was my goal.  But set enough fires under Mr. Practical and Poet In My Heart to get them to read it and get the feed back I needed to make that goal.  I couldn't have finished that fast without them.  Today after uploading pictures from last nights surprise party for Wonder Woman, I will attack the second act. 

The surprise party was a mixture of old school rock, and all things about her.  Things that reminded us of her.  So we dressed up as comic book, and Dr. Who characters and things that she does or is.  One friend came as a mime and another as a reporter and a third as a zoo representative with the new otter, all things that she loves.  There were a couple of doctors to keep my River Song entertained.  And a very creative Poseidon and Dionysus, a Clark Kent, and Buffy although she must have done her job well, no vampires that we could see, and several cut out masks from mostly Dr. Who and the Princess Bride for people to hold.  So there ended up being several Doctors, a weeping angle, Amy Pond, well you get the idea.  The room was decorated with large paper drawing of the Fire Swamp with a danger R.O.U.S's this way, and a cardboard TARDIS which we all got pictures of ourselves in front of with the birthday girl before we left.  I was greedy and had a friend take some pictures of me before the party really got going,  Just to be sure I got some.  I think I took more pictures than anyone else.  Go figure.  But I hope at least all the birthday shots get posted.  There were some good ones of us all.

She was very surprised by all of us gathering for her 40th, but the real surprise came when we had her open her present.  We all pitched in on it but it was made by Second Daughter who couldn't make the party and she did a wonderful job.  Especially since she couldn't have her come over for fittings.  Her eyes nearly popped out of her head at the complete Wonder Woman costume she was holding.  She had mentioned to her boy friend that she's always wanted one.  And he not only made that happen but the party of her best friends as well.  I was so happy to be included.  The actress who played Bette Milder said to me as I left, "You had a good time?  See you made so many friends all by your ownself.  You're all grown up."  She was referring to how nervous I told her I was to be at an event with all of Second Daughter's friends without her.  It was a genuine remark and one I cherished coming from her.  She happens to be one of the writers who agreed to read my play.  And I didn't even have to ask her about it.  She came to me and said, " I saw on the 'internets' that you finished.  I can't wait to read it.  How cool was that to remember on her special night.  One of the other writers was there early helping to set up, and while he didn't mention anything to me, I did to him and he was impressed I finished but didn't remind me he'd read it. I think I'll have Wonder Woman read it first.   
Better get these birthday pictures posted.


Sunday, September 6, 2015


I love surprises.  Well, the good ones.  And this one came at the perfect time.  I had been feeling kind of down and forgotten during my vacation.  Mostly because an old friend of mine was in town but couldn't make the time to see me. That kind of thing always hurts, but it couldn't be helped.  But then a surprise...

The first surprise this holiday weekend, was finally getting to see Ginger Snap and Sammy Bo Baggins on Friday night.  Second Daughter and I took them for ice cream and I finally got to catch up on Ginger Snap's summer away.  My surprise was that he was kind of bored waiting around for his dad to make some time to see him. (his reason for being there, but anyway)  He decided he would allow himself to start watching Doctor Who.  All by himself from my example as his nanny and grandma.  I'm glad he took something of me with him, and if it was the summer of Doctor Who, well I can think of a lot worse things a young boy could do with a summer being watched by his grandparents.

The second surprise was I finished Act One of the play I'm writing.  Well, I should say the first draft of it.  But it's got a life of it's own now and is half way done.  So after I sent it off to The Poet In My Heart to get her ok, I took myself out to a surprise brunch.  Just on the spur of the moment.  And it was nice.  Feeling accomplished I went back home and had my pretty typical vacation day.  Gaming.  Writing.  Watching Dr. Who.  Just hanging out with myself and sometimes catching an episode with Mr. Practical long distance. Its been a very quiet vacation.

The third surprise was out of the blue, Benny Sweat of the Sweat Boys was in town on Sweat Boys secret business, and last night as I was finishing watching the tear jerking season two ending of Dr. Who, (Doomsday...poor Rose and the Doctor)  he texted me and wanted to meet me for a drink.  He had told me he was going to be in town and if he had time he would look me up.  Right.  We all know how that usually works.  Like all other friends I've had visit my city in the last year for comic con or concerts or vacations, and never call or show up for that drink.  But not Benny Sweat.  He called, and I convinced him to come to me and see my favorite English Pub.  It's not a showy bar, nor is it loud.  And it was perfect, he said it was just what he needed after all the exhausting but exciting business trip.  And it was great to catch up to him with The Blues Brothers and Animal House playing in the background to the regulars on the television.  The music last night was the sound tracks for these shows instead of their normal jazz and I was glad he enjoyed himself at my favorite bar.  Catching up with Benny about our shared good news and successes was just what The Doctor ordered for me; and while my weekly conversation with Mr. Hopeful cheered me up and started to set my mind straight from its negative narration, by reminding me how much I am missed and not forgotten; catching up in the flesh with an old friend was healing on the level I needed.  And this old friend is kind of a perfect one to see my new place first and my favorite bar.  Because he crosses over into many of my little clicks of friends.  He leaves town tomorrow, and I know I wont see him again this visit, but I hope to see him and his wife the next time my city calls.