Sunday, September 13, 2015

Wonder Woman's 40th Surprise Party

The first draft of the play is finished.  And yesterday was spent formatting and editing the first act.  And I must say that I'm pretty pleased with my ability not only to write the damn thing in two weeks, which was my goal.  But set enough fires under Mr. Practical and Poet In My Heart to get them to read it and get the feed back I needed to make that goal.  I couldn't have finished that fast without them.  Today after uploading pictures from last nights surprise party for Wonder Woman, I will attack the second act. 

The surprise party was a mixture of old school rock, and all things about her.  Things that reminded us of her.  So we dressed up as comic book, and Dr. Who characters and things that she does or is.  One friend came as a mime and another as a reporter and a third as a zoo representative with the new otter, all things that she loves.  There were a couple of doctors to keep my River Song entertained.  And a very creative Poseidon and Dionysus, a Clark Kent, and Buffy although she must have done her job well, no vampires that we could see, and several cut out masks from mostly Dr. Who and the Princess Bride for people to hold.  So there ended up being several Doctors, a weeping angle, Amy Pond, well you get the idea.  The room was decorated with large paper drawing of the Fire Swamp with a danger R.O.U.S's this way, and a cardboard TARDIS which we all got pictures of ourselves in front of with the birthday girl before we left.  I was greedy and had a friend take some pictures of me before the party really got going,  Just to be sure I got some.  I think I took more pictures than anyone else.  Go figure.  But I hope at least all the birthday shots get posted.  There were some good ones of us all.

She was very surprised by all of us gathering for her 40th, but the real surprise came when we had her open her present.  We all pitched in on it but it was made by Second Daughter who couldn't make the party and she did a wonderful job.  Especially since she couldn't have her come over for fittings.  Her eyes nearly popped out of her head at the complete Wonder Woman costume she was holding.  She had mentioned to her boy friend that she's always wanted one.  And he not only made that happen but the party of her best friends as well.  I was so happy to be included.  The actress who played Bette Milder said to me as I left, "You had a good time?  See you made so many friends all by your ownself.  You're all grown up."  She was referring to how nervous I told her I was to be at an event with all of Second Daughter's friends without her.  It was a genuine remark and one I cherished coming from her.  She happens to be one of the writers who agreed to read my play.  And I didn't even have to ask her about it.  She came to me and said, " I saw on the 'internets' that you finished.  I can't wait to read it.  How cool was that to remember on her special night.  One of the other writers was there early helping to set up, and while he didn't mention anything to me, I did to him and he was impressed I finished but didn't remind me he'd read it. I think I'll have Wonder Woman read it first.   
Better get these birthday pictures posted.