Sunday, December 13, 2015

We're Almost Half Way Through The Dark

Christmas is less than two weeks away, and I'm like a little kid.  Eight more days until the solstice and we'll be half way through the dark.  The days will start to get longer, and winter will come.  I can't wait to see my kids this year and catch up in person.  I love the internet but it's a sometimes sad replacement for actual human contact.  We have a very short visit but its quality time, and we will cram as much as we can into it.  I hope to catch up with That Guy and She of Little Combat Boots as well.  We will fly by the seats of our pants and party like it's 1999.  I plan on sleeping on the train. 

I'm so superstitious.  I know I wont need my laptop or a book.  But I've convinced myself if I don't pack them I'll need them.  For example:  If I don't pack my book the train will be late and I'll wish I had it to pass the time.  And If I don't take my laptop illness or work will prevent my family and friends from spending time with me and I'll wish I had it to pass the time.  You see where this is going.  Now I'm not really sure but I think I've been this superstitious all my life.  And its just about my intuition or my gut feelings if you will.  It's not about black cats or the number 13 or breaking mirrors or walking under ladders.  Not common stuff.  It's always about what my gut tells me and I'm usually not wrong. 

The strange thing about knowing this is, I don't always listen to my gut.  And when I look back I realize I should of even if it sounds stupid and outdated to believe in such things.  And I've been guilty of trying to shake off the feeling and chalk it up to an active imagination.  But I do believe in magic.  And I do believe in feelings.  And I do believe in wishes and positive thinking having power or negative thinking.  Some of you I know believe in prayer, and what is that but a deep wish and magic.  Aren't miracles magic of a sort?  A magic we may not understand or ever hope to duplicate? 

This is a magical time of year where miracles, or wishes, happen.  I know, I'm in the middle of a great wish coming to pass.  And with the new moon passing and the full moon coming at Christmas you can bet I'll be wishing.  Casting even.  Magic is powerful, and the energy you put out there comes back to you ten times.  So if you are a caster, or a wisher or a person who prays, keep it filled with love, keep it real, and harm no one.  Spread love, not only in this season but every day.  Lift your curses, and your negative feelings towards others and happiness will not only surround you but you will pass it on.