Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas 2015 in LAX

It's been a year since I've been back here and nothing has really changed.  Oh there are a few new construction projects, but on the whole, this town is stuck in the twilight zone.   Opening presents in my hotel room on Christmas night was THE place to be.  First Daughter and her man Husband In Everything Except The Paper,  and First Son and his wife The Girl With No Plans and I surprised and delighted each other with the perfect gifts.  There was wine and snacks and playing of Times Up until First Son had to go to work.  We continued my favorite kind of get together, just talking together about our lives until it was time for everyone to get some sleep.  First son came back after the news show was complete and took everyone away.

And I was happy, basking in the afterglow of so much love from my kids.  The next morning First Daughter was up early to spend as much time with me as possible so I grabbed a taxi and we had a wonderful breakfast at The Breakfast Club and Pub.  A new restaurant that has an 80's theme.  SO of course I wanted to go.  Great food and of course great prices.  We did some window shopping.  Stopped into Def Ear to say hey to the owner and get my Sandman collection complete.  And to get the word out that I'd be downtown later at Yesterdays, one of my favorite bars. 

Then around 1pm First Son and The Girl With No Plans came to get us to hang out at their place until Husband in Everything Except The Paper was of work.  We played Exploding Kittens, a great card game and more laughter and conversation.  We had a quick Chinese dinner and then off to pick up our last party member and head to Star Wars.  Unfortunately when we got there it was sold out.  So we went downtown early to Starlite.  This was so fun to have martinis and munchies at another of my favorite bars.  But by 9pm we were all feeling a bit partied out.  So the kids dropped me off at That Guy's place for the partying with my friends to start. 

The plan had been to hang out there, gaming and watching movies and getting our pre bar party on, like we always used to do.  Then hit downtown and let everyone know I was really out.  Benny Sweat made an appearance to be sure he caught me, just in case I maybe did too much pre bar prep.  And guess what?  I never made it out of That Guys place until it was time to call it a night.  I was having a great time, don't get me wrong.  But I'm so out of practice, that when the stone wall hit me, it hit me pretty hard and pretty quick.  In my own defense I did get through two viewing of Fury Road while watching gaming at the same time, and hitting everything pretty hard.  I'm afraid my hard core partying days are behind me.  And while that might have let That Guy down a bit, it certainly did not let me down.  I had the best time, because I didn't get so drunk I had to be carted to the hotel or hung over this morning.  But just enough to have had a great time and build fond memories with my friends and family. 

I look at this as personal growth.  To know my limits and still have fun without regrets within those limits.  Those of you that have partied to access in the past know what I"m talking about.  And with that being said, while I've had fun at those times too, what you can remember of them, its much more fun to not wake with any guilt or regret and to know that all the fun you had was on your terms  I know this is how most of you operation normally, its just not how I operate normally.  I usually want to please everyone else first.  But not anymore.  Not since I left here and moved to the Windy City.  Now I'm doing me.  I'm pleasing me first, because I realize that it's my life, and the people that love me will love me more if I'm me, instead of being who I think they need.  Being who I need is more honest and real, and much more intimate. 

I love all of you that I was able to see, and thought of a great many of you that I didn't see.  Maybe next year.