Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

This Mother's Day weekend has been one of the best ones ever.  First Daughter and her boyfriend Grumpy Otter, who isn't really grumpy have come to visit me, and have been here with me since Thursday and aren't leaving until tomorrow!  I'm so happy that they could come and spend this much time with me.

Thursday night after work I took them to my favorite English Pub and we had ciders and Fish and Chips and burgers and wonderful beers.  Friday after work we went to Buddy Guy's Legends for more wonderful cajun food and equally wonderful blues while we ate and I got to meet Coffee Girl, an integral part of their family network.  She was as nice and thoughtful as First Daughter has told me, and I'm excited for them to all be roommates.  (I'll be drinking out of the mug you gave me today!)  Yesterday we walked all over Chicago, first to see the Van Gogh Bedrooms exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago, and then more food at Flat Iron Grill, then some shopping which didn't turn up any rings or dresses that First Daughter liked, but was worth the experiment.  After that, there was this play entitled Trash that Second Daughter was in and so, of course, we had to see it, and what a wonderfully funny and equally disturbing play it was.  If you're in Chicago I suggest to catch it.  One more weekend and it's gone.  After drinks and discussions on comics and writers with the cast members, we were finally exhausted on the train ride home. And I actually slept in until 8:30...."A Mother's Day miracle".  According to First Daughter. 

Today we chill.  With donuts and coffee that the kids have just run out for, and many movies and tv shows to introduce each other too, I have a feeling my mother's day will be perfectly spent relaxing in my internest and enjoying their company.  There will be drinking of mimosas and eating of takeout food.  I'm sure I'll hear from First Son and all the other kids in my life that call me ma, but having my daughter here and having her want to spend this time with me, means so much more to me than any present anyone could give me.  Although I will share with you that she did bring me a magic deck of my very own to have for when they come so we can play.  I used to play it when the game first came out but gave up in frustration in trying to afford to keep up with all the expansions and so gave my extensive collection of cards away to First Son, as he still played at the time.  Oh and she also gave me some facial girly stuff too.  But the magic cards mean a lot to me.  It's one of those things that my kids picked up from me and ran with it, like a love for film and theatre.  Or their passion for reading everything from Novels both fiction and nonfiction to plays and comics.  The rock and roll from the 70's and 80's, songs and band that will always remind them of their childhood home.  Video games in the home as they progressed from pong to Nintendo and beyond.  And food...we must not forget a love of snacking and eating good food.  The things your children pick up from you are life long habits and memories, although at the time it just seems like you are living and trying to keep your head above water.  But the memories I have of my kids and me with my mom living with us after the divorces, are some of the best memories I have of us as a family.  I miss them in my life every day, but as adults, I couldn't be more proud of the people they have become and am happy that we don't have to live together yet.  Hopefully,  I'll never become a medical burden or any burden on my kids, but if that were to happen I know we'd make it work.   Because my kids are adults I'd choose as friends, if they weren't already family.  That is my Mother's Day wish for you all.  That the children you have and raise become adults you are glad you know. 

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!  Cheers.