Sunday, June 12, 2016

Where To Explore In Chicago?

I'm feeling a need to explore my city, but I hate crowds.  As much as I love to see the sites I wish there was a day or a time where I could walk about without having to see or be pushed around by so many people.  Of course, it adds an element to the view, depending on your height, (both physically and in elevation) that is also entertaining.  And I do enjoy people watching as long as it's not too evasive.  I think I'm missing nature the most and wish I had a place to sneak away for a weekend.  A tiny cabin or house somewhere in the woods of Wisconsin or Colorado or Washington.

I know I haven't explored as much as most would in a new city, so there is still a lot I haven't seen and experienced.  Mostly the tourist trap stuff, like the sky deck and 360 Chicago, the 606 elevated park, or water tours or bus tours.  I have seen a few plays, and concerts and tried to support the arts with that and museums.  And being a nanny I've seen the zoo and children's museums countless times.  I've shopped in stores I can't afford, and shook my head at the prices while clerks that make about the same as I do judge my shoes and waistline.  Sometimes I feel like Pretty Woman in the scene where she has the cash and can't get waited on.  Truth is I could afford some things, if I thought it was worth the price.  But I wont spend my money in a place where I'm dismissed before approached.  But for the most part most places I've visited I'm treated like an old friend, so I spend my money there and know they appreciate my business.  Local stores in my neighborhood rather than the miracle mile of greedy business.  In fact the only time I really enjoy seeing the miracle mile is at Christmas time when the city is all dressed up.

Somewhere between Friday and Saturday my allergies have decided to wake up.  At least that's what I hope this is.  I took what I thought was going to be a cat nap yesterday and slept for three hours.  And today I have all the symptoms of a summer cold.  Well better this weekend with no plans. I was going to do chores (laundry/cleaning) and errands (bank/bills) today as it's suppose to be a lot cooler and less pollution but it may all have to wait until after work tomorrow.  Getting to work is more important next week as both parents are traveling for work, her on Monday-Tuesday and him Wednesday-Thursday and I may have to stay a little later.  Allergy meds are calling my name, and I must answer and rest, so if you're one of my Chicago readers feel free to comment with ideas for places or sites for me to visit this summer.