Sunday, June 26, 2016

PRIDE In Yourself

It's Pride in Chicago, and while I'm a straight supporter, I'm also a crowd adversary.  So while I'm with you all in spirit I'm not going out in the hot to parade around in tight while sexy and appealing to my nature, clothes.  I am going to venture forth for necessary supplies and then retire back into my internest for gaming and video and other distractions to keep my mind from wondering.  (cue Beatles)

(If anyone needs a last minute rainbow umbrella just hit me up)

My hope is that this years Pride celebrations go on without anything tragic happening.  After Orlando I'm scared for everyone.  And while I adore that Pride has become a celebration of unity among a community of like minded people.  It's not where we started.  Pride started with the AIDS quilt, with solidarity, with a screaming need to be recognized and helped by the medical community before it was too late.  With a gay lives matter, before it was popular to be gay, before it was safe to be gay, wait a it now?  I can't believe we're still arguing about this?  That for thirty years I've watched my gay friends, and relatives die too young.  Or have to fight for basic human rights, you know like in the Bill of Rights, that all humans get, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Oh...wait, its all men are created equal...hum....well we're still working on that fourty years later...wait...that's ninty-six years. 

I keep getting into arguments with men on Facebook who end up calling me names and cursing at me just for my opinion.  I say men because the women don't do this to me.  If our opinions differ we just stop talking about that topic and move on.  But every man that disagrees with me starts calling me feminist, like that's a bad word.  Or saying 'fuckin' in front of almost every adjetive and adverb, or instead of, to express their differing opinon back.  And here I thought we were just exchanging ideas.  Like I see men do on line together, and when they disagree they say their mind and then get scarastic not demeaning.  They say things about my intelligence or demenor.  Or my appearance, like that has anything to do with anything.  And jumping to indredibly steriotyped and incorrect conclusions about who I really am because of an opinon I might share, in part, with a large group of people.  I find that very unfair, and can relate with some of my gay friends.  Some of the largest violet crimes against humans are to women and the LGBTQ community.  So they get it when I talk about, as a woman being trained at a very young age to be afraid of men, and why?  That certain people will want to hurt me because of my gender alone, or how I'm dressed, or by refusing their attentions.  It's a hard life.

But see, it doesn't have to be.   We can all just try to be a little be nicer to each other, and try even a small bit of understanding.  Instead of being angry with us for fighting for our rights, fight with us.  Instead of being angry at us for finally having the courage to stand up and say, yes I want Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness too, be proud of us for trying and help us achieve it.  Be a feminist.  Support a woman's rights to be treated human.  Be a straight supporter.  Support the LGBTQ's rights to be treated human.