Sunday, May 28, 2017

Going To Hate To Leave Tomorrow

What a great vacation!  So far exactly what I wanted.  Quality time alone with my daughter.  Check.  Quality time alone with my son.  Check.  Tons of fun time with them both and my daughter-in-law check.  Good meals together. Check. Catching up with old friends. Check.  Late night gaming session with my oldest friend.  Check. And even a surprise Pat McCurdy concert and friends I haven't seen in over three years.  There was dancing and singing and so much joy yelling out lyrics and teaching virgins 'stupid dance' steps.  Always a fun time if you know his songs and if you don't the crowd that does, is part of the show.   I have brunch plans later with another friend and my daughter and then checking on a sick friend.   And possibly one more late night gaming session before I leave tomorrow.  I'm slightly hungover and tired but happy.   I may need a nap later.   I'm glad I have Tuesday off to rest from my vacation.