Sunday, November 9, 2014

Waiting For The Cable Guy Part Two

Ok. So last week the cable guy was a no show. And after several minutes and three different CSRs to fix the issue it appears the same thing is happening this wee. So I'm attempting to blog from my phone. Please excuse and Siri auto corrects that I miss.  But I'm bordering on pissed here.  At least this week the reminder call went stratight to voicemail. Last week my phone shows no record of voicemail or missed call and they didn't show so this week I called directly to customer service again and they sent another automated call that I got, while they were holding, and apparently completed correctly.  WTF. He is technically not late yet but I have a bad feeling that something will go wrong again this week. Band if it does I will go with a different provider.  If I didn't believe so strongly that everyone deserves a second chance, I probably would have already.  But we shall see. LSt week I waited four hours for a two hour window.  I think I will do the same this week.   But before I leave I will not be a nice future customer when I call.  I shall give them what they deserve and see how they handle it.  Why do we always feel so trapped by some businesse?  The cable/internet company, car insurance companies, Heath insurance companies and lets don't forget home contractors. If we treated our customers the way they treat us we would get fired.  It's a mystery to me why we let it continue.  It's like our voting system.  We all keep voting for a change and the incumbents almost always win!?  Again, WTF?  I hope this posts for you to read. Bi will attempt to share from here but I'm not sure how successful I will be.  IF I acquire Internet later today I shall correct.