Sunday, June 21, 2015

Teenage Suicide - BIg Fun (Heathers)

So I have this friend who is threatening suicide. 

Not an easy topic to debate, but one that I think I should try to figure out since killing yourself, in my mind, is not an option to escaping a bad life or bad situation.  And it is a bad situation isn't?  Because life is not bad.  But sometimes our lives seem hopeless and depressing. 

First off, I have to say, that everytime someone I knew successfully killed themselves it was a huge surprise.  They didn't threaten it.  They were depressed for a while prior, but got very happy right before they killed themselves.  My shrink says that's because they know soon their problems will be gone, because they will be gone.  Makes sense.  Its why when I got really happy after a very dark depression, my doctor asked me if I was alright.  And in my case, I was.  My new plans to change my life and my attitude were real, not a cover for a darker plan.  So with this knowledge, I'm doubtful when she threatens.  I almost want to hand her the gun and say, "Go ahead.  If you think that nothingness is better than being aware, I love you and want you to be happy. So shoot." 

That would certainly call her bluff.

But what if I'm wrong?

So the next thing I'm thinking I should do, is call the police.  The next time she threatens it, call the police and tell them, "Listen, I know someone who is telling me they are going to off themselves, right now, and I don't know what to do!  Please help."  They record all calls and legally they have to come.  And an ambulance would also be dispatched.  They would take her to a psych ward and evaluate if she were a danger to herself and others. 

Now this is a really hard choice.  Because one, it effects her future.  In both a negative and a positive way.  Although if it's an act for attention she may never forgive me.  But if it's real, and she really is that depressed and I really love her, don't I owe it to her to help her get the help she needs?

I not only think so, I know so.

I don't want her to kill herself, and I hope if she's reading this now she will understand that I'm serious about the phone call.   I'm a big fan of psychiatric medicine and discussions.  Group therapy saved my future and being able to discuss what was find out what was wrong and fix it, was well worth the embarrassment of admitting I needed help.  But, see, I wanted to get better.  For me it wasn't an act to change someone in my life or ploy for attention. 

So you see my problem.  Do I risk losing her forever to help her?  Comments, suggestions, experiences?  I'd appreciate it.