Sunday, October 4, 2015

Can of Worms OPENED. Perception of GUNS

We all see things differently.  This is a scientific fact, our brains process what we see differently.  So it follows that through that process what we feel is different and governed by what we have processed.  But what helps us make those connections in our brains?  Our experience.  And all of our experience is different.  I believe, for the most part, as humans, we can agree on this.  But that is where it unfortunately ends, and why we have so many conflicts in our day to day life with other humans on almost every subject.  When we stand up for our rights, or our feelings are in question on a topic, we can forget that we feel this way only because of OUR PERSONAL experience.

But what about the other guy?  That's right, that other guy spouting complete nonsense about religion, or sex or politics.  What about that guys opinion?  His experience.  His perception.  Doesn't it count?  Even if its contrary to our own?  Of course it does.  That's why, we, at our best discuss, or argue and sometimes at our worse, we rage.  And unfortunately when we rage, sometimes, we take our opinions to the point of life or death.  At the end of a gun in a crowded school room, or military base, or shopping mall,  or airplane.  We have started to believe that if we can't change your mind about your opinion well, then we'll just kill you.  This is a violence that is obviously brought about by extreme negative perceptions and I would imagine great despair and depression.  A feeling of helplessness and in some cases a feeling of overwhelming power.  Power to change the world, perhaps to their perception of a better place.  This is wrong of course, and we are helpless as we watch these unbalanced and perhaps temporarily lost individuals, grapple with their minds as they slowly go insane.  For what sane person could be on the end of that gun, trying to force their perceptions upon others.  Their feelings of right and wrong, or their rage.  What sane person would use a gun in this manner?  None would.  And yet, somehow, this unbalanced and desperate person, has acquired such a means of destruction.  And in most states this is accomplished quite easily, and with little checking of proper identification.  How can we regulate gun control if there is no real gun control?  I don't want to ban guns.  I believe that if you feel you need one to hunt or protect your family you should be able to have one, if properly trained in how to use it, keep it clean, and truly guard the right to have it.  By keeping it away from the untrained, like children, or the unbalanced.  And I believe that most of us that own guns do just this.  But that can't be the whole story.

Because there are still those out there, with guns, that don't care, or have given up on life.  They might just take themselves out, but they might decide that you cutting them off during rush hour traffic, is enough of a difference in perception to end your life.  Or they might decide that if you don't believe in the same god as they do that you are evil and should die.  Or they might decide that because you made fun of their way of dress or sexual partner that the world would be better off without you. 

When people try to discuss this topic of "how do we stop all the mass murder in our country", there is a lot of heat.  And the gun owners immediately think that we want to take away their rights and change the constitution.  Well, that's not true, not completely.  We do need to change the constitution on this issue, just like we changed it for women to vote, for anyone of any color or religion to vote, even for young people aged 18 to vote, and also for the limitation of the presidential term of office.  In the last 200 years our constitution has been amended 27 times.  Its a 'living document' designed to live and grown as our nation grows.  When people argue that we want to change it.  Its true we do.  But it needs to be changed so more innocent people with a different perception, don't have to die, because of one persons rage.  Because of one persons perception.  I'm all for the discussion of that perception, I'll listen and even try to change my mind before I try to change yours.  But I don't feel I should have to do this at the end of a gun.  Nor would I ever use a gun to bring my perception to the table.  But so far, I'm still sane. 

What about that other guy?

Isn't it worth it to make it more difficult to obtain a gun to keep our children and families safe?

Isn't that what guarding the privilege of having a gun is about?

I don't understand why this is even an issue.  It's a no brainer to me.  Less guns on the street less gun deaths.   Less mass shootings from quite frankly, insane people.  Not one of the shooters was pronounced sane.  No one said, "oh that guy was just trying to make a really good point and when no one listened he just shot them all."  They were all insane.  They had all cracked.   Had enough.  And had access to guns.  Access.  This is all I want to limit. 

Can we just, as humans, sit down without the NRA, and talk about this?  Can we just get the lobbies to for once stay out of it, and let us decide as humans?  This is why congress can't get anything done.  Lobbies.  It's either the NRA or the Big Three or Big's always something that bars our elected officials from passing the laws that I hope we want.

If my nation of fellow American's do not want what is really best for humans, I'm afraid I'll have to leave the nation of my birth for a country that believes that life is more important than money.  Please feel free to comment as always, but I beg you to think.  Just think and feel, as a human with a limited life span and great power over the earth.