Sunday, October 25, 2015

Temper Tantrums of Male Drivers

I've started to notice something here in Chicago that was not obvious to me in the other small towns and cities that I've lived in.  And it's how exhausting driving in the city has become for me.  I don't own a car, I use public transportation, not because I don't enjoy driving, but because it's cheaper.  And I honestly can't afford a car here, not with the parking and insurance rates, and gas.  Not to mention upkeep.  But in my job I do drive Beatle Boy to school and pick him up every day.

It doesn't even matter what time I'm driving, in Chicago they always drive like it's rush hour and they are thirty minutes late.  I'm amazed at the stupidity of the other drivers every day.  Every single day I hold my breath as people who supposedly got their drivers licenses, play with fate and take stupid chances.  Cutting me off is a daily favorite.  Both men and women do it to me, and I hate it when people cut me off.  So of course, I honk.  And I really lay on the horn.  I want them to SEE me in their rear view.  See me shake my head at them because they KNOW they are breaking the law and being stupid.

Now when it's a woman, I've noticed she ignores me.  Which is fine, I'm a woman, and I know she knows what she did.  Even if she won't acknowledge it.  Some women even try to communicate with a shrug.  I assume that means 'Opps', but it could mean 'Fuck you I'm ahead of you'.  Either doesn't really matter to me, because I got my point across, with my loud, blaring horn.  'I saw you and you suck, dumbass!'

No, what really pisses me off is the men.  Every time they hear my horn they argue that it's my fault for not letting them in, with no blinker and an 'You owe me and I'm going to do what I want' attitude.  See I'm a strong woman in life and behind the wheel.  I don't let a man do whatever he wants because he's a spoiled little boy.  Especially behind the wheel of a killing machine.  But what gets me every time, is they not only argue it's my fault they are stupid and tried to cut me off and now are stuck with their ass half in and half out of traffic;  but they resort, every time to personal insults.  I try not to use personal comments, like my favorite, "Grow a dick." Don't get me wrong, I think of them, I just don't say them.  Because I don't want them to pull out a gun and shoot me over a traffic law.  But men aren't scared that I might pull out a gun and with my crazy clown hair, decide to shoot them.   They feel completely within their rights to immediately go to the first thing they see that they think will bother me and make fun of it.  And why is that?  Why do men, when you are an unescorted woman, resort to commenting about my hair colors, or age instead of what is really bothering them?  My skill.  If I'd had a man riding shotgun, they wouldn't say a word.  Because in their mind, I'm controlled.  I have a man telling me what to do.  How frustrating!  Why are single women so threatening to men?

When I honk, I'm not commenting on their  hair, or lack of it, or weight or age.  I'm commenting on their lack of skill.  And they can't handle that.  No man can.  So knowing they are wrong but not wanting to appear weak, or horrors, admit they made a mistake in judgement, they mime in their rear view to cut my hair.  Or some frantic waving of the arms which makes them just look like a cock in a fight.  What does my hair have to do with anything?  It used to infuriate me.  But I find the same men will complement me on my hair at the bus or train stop, or grocery store, bank, pretty much anywhere.  And that's interesting to me.  And I'm an uncontrolled woman.  (no man on my arm)  Which is usually the most threatening to the male.  One, after we ended up side by side, actually rolled down the window to try to publicly humiliate me.  I kept saying, "I don't care, you don't have the right of way."  I've started laughing and pointing now when they try their comments, along with the shaking of my head.  I have a very 'mean librarian face' when I want it.  And BOY does it illicit comments about my 'clown hair'.  I know they jerk off to me later so who is the real clown?