Sunday, November 29, 2015


What a wonderful Thanksgiving I had this year!  At first it looked as if it might be a little sad, no kids - they had to work, no Mr. Hopeful or  Mr. Practical, or She of Little Combat Boots, or That Guy, but they all have family obligations.  But there was one bright spot in an otherwise very lonely five days off--The Poet In My Heart was once again this year, available.  And when she heard my plans of taking myself out to eat at a five star restaurant and spoiling myself all day, well she couldn't resist bringing her small son with her to the Windy City and joining me. 

It was a fast moving fun filled mini tour of some of my favorite places to chill in the city.  Since we had her son along and we had very little time, they only got to witness a couple of places and the very tip of the iceberg of shops at Lincoln Square.  There is so much to see, and do, we will never run out of fun here.  And since this is the second year in a row that we have spent Thanksgiving together, thanks to the wonderful waitstaff at my English Pub on Wednesday night, we are now calling it Friendsgiving and celebrating together every year.  Old traditional at her place, new traditional at mine. 

She loved my English Pub, and we fed ourselves with the fish and chips and traditional english beers and ciders.  The ambiance there is that of a relaxing wealthy friends living room, with all dark woods and private corners.  The bar is welcoming and there is even a reading room in the back.  My kind of place.  The rest of the night was spent gabbing together in my internest, which you really have to see to believe.  It felt so good to catch up in person.  I miss hearing her voice and laughing together. 

Then on Thanksgiving, with tummies rumbling, we arrived at Eddie V's an hour early to our reservation, hoping to be seated, as we had a very hungry little one.  And of course they did.  Beautiful place, outstanding service, and a scrumptious menu.  If you've never gone to an Eddie V's I highly recommend it.  The dinning area was dimly lit but expertly so.  With the ability to see the entire room but your focus remained on the table and your company.  Cream linens and dark woods and cool white Christmas lights were the accessory.  Our server was an expert in his field, I have never been so spoiled and so richly treated, and I've dined as some pretty expensive restaurants in both LA and New York.  But this young man knew how to direct his staff, and make our dining experience seem like he was just there for us.  Now I saw him with other tables, but I was not wanting for a thing.  And his timing was perfection.  Never once did he ask me a question with my mouth full, he anticipated with grace and real care.  AND all this on a HOLIDAY.  When I'm sure he had places to be and probably couldn't wait to get there. But you would have never known it.  A real professional.  With all that, the star was meant to be the food, and it was.  We had come just for the chief's special Thanksgiving meal, Sliced Turkey with Brioche Stuffing, Pan Gravy with Mirepoix Brunoise, Baby French Green Beans with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Glazed Acorn Squash, Cranberry Sauce, Mashed Potatoes.  We were stuffed and saved at least one normal sized serving each for later.  Also opting out of the pumpkin pie with praline sauce, we went for the dessert chief's house special, HOT "BANANAS FOSTER" BUTTER CAKE, Butter Pecan Ice Cream.  Now it was hot because they set it ON FIRE table side.  You should have seen her son's eyes when he lit it up.  And it was a traditional southern butter cake, so moist, so good.  The Poet In My Heart declared it was better than sex. And I smiled, thinking of him, and not necessarily agreeing.  But it was a damn good dessert.  

Unfortunately once we finished and got home, my upper respiratory infection that was getting a little be better, decided to get really bad very quickly.  We cut our visit a little short so I would rest my voice.  Perhaps it was due to being out in the rain, perhaps it was just working so hard the last two weeks while being sick, that it finally just got to me.  But I lost my voice.  Completely.  And it stayed gone all day Friday, and Saturday.  It is now starting to come back, little by little. and thankfully all the rest of my symptoms are down to a low roar.  Cough is almost gone and still sniffly but no pressure or real congestion.  I hope to feel even better tomorrow, and don't have to return to work until Tuesday.  Anything I have to do can wait another day, rest is what I need and what I can give myself.  

Here's hoping you all were able to be with your friends on Friendsgiving, weather those people are blood or not, they are your family.  Cheers