Sunday, February 14, 2016

Thoughts for Valentines Day

What is love?  Is it a real emotion or just a state of mind we turn on and off with our moods?  Is it caused by hormones as a primal need to reproduce, or is induced by something we want but don't have?  Does it wither, like an unnurtured plant, sometimes able to come back to life with the proper care; or is it crushed like the sudden realization of a painful truth you finally see?  Are some loves stronger than others?  A Parent for a child?  A Child for a parent?  Lovers who risk everything to be together and marry?  Or Lovers who risk everything when together and remain apart? 

What is love?  Does it get fonder when absent?  Will it attract the opposite?  Is it really blind?  Are we afraid of it?  Can it really bind us by a vow?  Or break us with a look?  Is it based upon our trust in who says they love us?  Or do we love because of a fear of being abandoned? Does our repeated experience in it cause us to test it by pushing it away, or not even believe it when we see it? 

If we are without it long enough do we pine for it?  Or do we always feel its tug on our heart?  Once snuffed out can it really be rekindled? Or that more like the moth to the flame?  It has many lessons, love.  Most I have found are bittersweet.  And yet I still can smile at the fond memories of the sweet parts.  I once believed it was wise to try to forget the bitter parts so they would not make me bitter.  But it seems that was a mistake.  The bitter parts are there to teach you what not to do, to help you not make the same mistakes.  To show you that side of you that you are attracted to, and why.  And to help you grow through the experience and mature into the next level of your awareness to love and what you are willing to receive as love.  What you believe you deserve.  This, in the end, is what we choose to be enraptured with.  That is the lesson of love.  So if you need to set your bar a tad higher to love honestly and with all your being, then do it.  For the only thing you will do, even if you don't think you want to or can anymore is, to be honest to your heart.  You do it every minute with every breath,  and it is either joyous or painful.  There is no middle ground with love.  There are only levels of joy or pain.  The best advice I can give this Valentines Day is to believe you deserve the best because you do, and if you believe in yourself that much then everything else will fall into place.