Sunday, March 6, 2016

I NEED to Write

So here I am with a perfect Sunday morning, and I'm alone.  And I mean perfect.  I was starting to wake up, when I received a text from Mr. Hopeful.  What a wonderful way to wake up.  We chatted while I got out of bed, and made coffee and put bacon in the oven.  We're still chatting as I write and drink my perfect cup of coffee with the best peppered, applewood smoked, thick cut bacon I've had in a long time.  I feel very honored he is spending this time with me.  He knows my Sunday mornings are my time to write and spoil myself with whatever special treat I happen to have around.  It's where I hope the blog writing will continue to novel or playwriting, not on line games, or Pinterest or other time wasters.  But I'm a writer and so easily distracted. 

But maybe today it will.  I wrote yesterday for the first time in many months.  And I finished what I hope to be the last draft of the first chapter of my fantasy novel.  And when I say it like that it makes me want to edit.  So, since I have to still get errands done and hit the 4pm movie of Lawrence of Arabia in 70 mm at the Music Box theater, I think I'm going to write.  Thanks, Mr. H.