Sunday, December 18, 2011

Be Courteous NOT Cool

Another Friday, another interesting night, I remember not too long ago it was Saturday nights that were the most interesting, with the most happing for me at once.  But, again this Friday night, I was approached by 'the young one'  and it was again at a Pat concert.  Seems like his music must bring out the naughty side of me.  As I am much more than once bitten, twice shy, I am pretty aloof when it comes to men and their attentions.  Don't misunderstand this, I'm a flirt.  HUGE one.  I flirt all the time, with men, women, I don't care.  It's like 'the maiden' gets turned on when you add booze to my diet.  And I'm usually in control and happy just flirting.  Some guys take it in a lighthearted way and flirt back, because they know I me, and know this is just who I am and I'm not serious.  Some take it too far, and have to be shown the truth and end up my friends, and some don't know me so they pursue.  I usually just ignore it if it's from someone I'm not interested in, and if it's someone that I like or feel I might like, I flirt my way into his line of sight and see what happens, usually being bold enough to speak first in a confident way that says to him, without him realizing it, 'I've already made the first move, impress me.'  What comes out of his mouth next will determine weather I waste anymore time on him.  The line needs to be forceful, in control and without a doubt a truly felt emotion.  I can tell the difference, believe me.  I'm a flirt, actress and better combination for lying.

Now sometimes, rarely, I might add, I get impressed by a younger man.  It has happened only three times in my past, where a young one made me consider them my equal and age became a moot point.  And I still, rarely, I might add, allow a young one past my defenses.  If they continue to try to breach my walls past my favorite lines of guaranteed retreat, which follow:
"I'm sorry, but I have shoes older than you."
"You're how old?  Come back when your 30, you're not ripe yet."
Well if they can make it past those with any sense of humor, or intellect, I usually let it continue.  Sometimes way past where it should.  This happened to me last month, and he had been trying to get my attention since Oktoberfest, unsuccessfully.  (I may have mentioned this in a blog around then as well) Anyway, he succeeded last month, and to my surprise, (I never expect anyone to stay or last...) he was interested in a repeat performance after the show.  He even planned it with me several times during the show, asking me if I was open to it again, and letting me know he would text me after letting out his dogs and catch up to me.  My interest was suddenly peeked at his continued interest after not speaking to each other after the last time.  And of course as with any attention in this area, I was flattered, but not flying.  Not blown away, not incredibly interested either way, just flattered.  (not like the young ones from the past)  So understand that I was not all that disappointed when he didn't text.  Especially with the roads as slippery as they were with the new snow, and how late it was after the show.  Understand that i feel asleep happy for the good time I'd had that night with dear friends.

What bothered me was the next morning.  When the 'mom' in me started to think, "what if he was on his way home and didn't make it?'  After all we were all drinking, and the roads were a bit slick.  You see last night, I had convinced myself that he either got home and decided it was too late, or hooked up with someone else.  Good for him.  I'm too old for him anyway.  This was my inner voice telling me something I could believe in.  However this is part of Believing The Con, Rule # 8 in my new book.  If he had been serious and decided on not coming back out, he would have texted, either that night or the next day.  So he obviously hooked up with someone else, or is dead on the side of the road.  Here is where the logic made the friend in me come to the surface.  I texted him later in the afternoon/evening...saying "hope you made it home safe"
no response
.........he must be dead need to alert the media or the authorities as he's dead
............................................because a nice person, not a cool one, would respond if alive, right?
and I certainly don't spend time with people that aren't nice and considerate, and courteous.
......I hope he's not still bleading by the side of the road alive...oh, wait a minute, this is Wisconsin, he'd be frozen not bleeding anymore....

Let this be a lesson to you, for logic will run rapid if feelings get involved...and feelings are always involved unless you are a robot.  And if you want to be sure someone finds you before you die, make sure if you say you are going to text, that you actually do, even if it's a lie, and you aren't really tired, and the roads aren't really all that bad, and you are under or on top of someone else. Because its respectful, and you might need someone to care about you someday, and if you are cool and not courteous, you might bleed to death by the side of the road, because no one will care enough to check on you.

This weeks blog has been brought to you by the 'the inside of a woman's mind' and the letter C and the number 3.