Sunday, December 4, 2011


I'm not sure where to begin this week, it's been a rough one.  Mostly because I was in bed with the flu, so my business was...well one policy sold is not a business.  But I'm trying not to use the unsuccessful holiday week followed by a sick week as my norm.  I know it's not, but the failure of it is still working on me.  I will go out and make something happen next week.  I have to.  Oh the joys of commission sales.  Anyway, that is actually in the back of my mind...always.

Something else that has been in the back of my mind...always...and is also a failure is my lack of a consistent relationship.  This week, trapped in my bed, gave me a lot of time to think, and catch up on fb and google+ games.  And with that mindless clicking and wasting of time, I came up with an idea for a new book.  Its a self help book about seeing your ex after many years, and I've chosen to write it in the second person, like almost all self help books are, and with a tone of someone sitting you down and trying to convince you just how bad an idea this is.  It's actually turning out quite funny, for such a sad topic.  Well, sad in my case.  And I think that my experiences have made it more funny.  Now it's short, right now.  But only the two most recent ex's are far.  (insert evil laugh here)

Although some of you might recognize yourselves in the several 'lists' that are included in said book.  The working title is "Seeing Your Ex After Several Years", and I don't like it....Need a better title, so feel free to comment on ideas.  Oh, yeah, and it's written like a zombie survival guide....a basic rule book of what to do before, during and after said meeting.  It will be a short book when finished, something easily read on a plane trip or hotel room, or as i say in the preface:
'This is a rule book for seeing your ex.  Consider it in the same vein as a guide book for zombie survival.  The chances of this event occurring are slim but inevitable, so when it does happen, you will want to be prepared, and not find yourself surrounded by, well, zombies….um, I mean ex’s.  So feel free to keep this by your bedside, as I know you will find it very comforting bedtime reading.  And well, you might need it nearby.  It should be handy in case you feel a need to hit yourself over the head with it.  And if you keep it by your bed, you might have one last chance to knock some sense into yourself before said bed....with said ex....
……good luck.'
 I guess you can tell by the preface that I don't think seeing your ex is a good idea.  I had even toyed with the idea of having it be my weekly blog for a while, and just posting a chapter a week, but I decided that I should try to publish it instead.  I'm thinking it might be perfect for a web based/kindle download/ book.  And my editor and I will be looking into how to do that, once he's had a chance to go over it and fix all my spelling, punctuation, and grammar.  Oh and of course feedback.  I really need feedback.  This is not guilt, this is fact. (first draft is done!)  I'm toying with the idea of touching on all my past relationships in this book, and I know several of my ex's read this blog so if you have an issue with your memory being a subject matter for a funny self help book on why you can't go back, tell me now.

I'd like to know.  Seriously.  Or if you just want to read it before it goes out there, just to be sure that I've not mentioned names (of course i kidding, wanted you to do a spit take all over your names, dates, times, places, or anything that anyone could or would know, except us.....or in most cases only me).  Oh and if you are going to contact me please do not do it in person.  Seeing your ex is a bad idea...don't you know that?