Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Evils of Liquor

I used to be a wise and energy filled woman, witty and confident.  Yesterday was my 50th birthday, and I chose, after what appears to be not enough debate, to go downtown and celebrate.  The evening started with a lovely dinner at a local Cajun restaurant and a rum filled drink called a hurricane...this should have been my first warning.  After all I was wise before I started drinking....

My family then took me to meet up with some of our friends at one of my favorite bars, to which the bartender, another family/friend started making me drinks that he 'said' he had no idea how much booze was in them...I had two...and they were big, and pink, and from what he did say there was, slo gin, southern comfort, rum, and some other ones that if I try to remember them I'll be sick again.  Then the shots started...someone bought me one, that I've never seen before and from what I remember of it, it was yellow and had a frothy head to it and something in the bottom...which i ate without question..  Now I'm questioning it.  Never trust a cloudy shot.  Then a very welcome shot of tequila that I requested to drink for all my friends that couldn't be with me, one in particular, who texted me to do a lemon drop.  At which point I did, along with the second of those pink thingys.  Now I'm hugging people and talking to friends who are coming and going, and having a really great time, and probably should have stayed put.  But I didn't.  I then took my party to another friends party at another favorite bar at which point more friends started to buy me rum and cokes and sex on the beach..another cloudy drink...hum...don't trust it.  Well, after all this drinking, we started at 6 with dinner, but that was a slow the time we got to the bar it was 8ish. and little did I know that my evening would be done in three short hours.  By midnight I was home safe, thanks to my son and daughter in law who made sure all night that I didn't stumble out of my heels.  My head is still in pain, my stomach is still turning over and it is very difficult to perform the slightest making coffee...or trying to eat an asprin...I'm going to attempt to drink something and see if I can.

So let me apologize for the blog this week, it's not going to be deep thoughts about love or sex or life or any of my usual ramblings.  Today I will be under the ac, nursing my head, watching movies with my son and daughter....then gaming later...oh my head hurts just thinking about the prospect of more drinking tonight at gaming....I might have to abstain....
probably be a good idea
since I'm not sure who sent all the drunk texts from my phone....he he he