Sunday, October 14, 2012

"It Came From Outer-Space... 'On Janet's Face'....

This week was busy with work and tech week for my daughter's play, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I was/am so proud of her, and seeing her in her first on stage production where she is singing and dancing and in character.  She's not just a show choir kid anymore.  Welcome to the next step at Bard University.    And she was wonderful, as was most of the entire cast.  And I love the feeling I get seeing her up there, so exciting, such a rush of anticipation.  I finally have an inkling of what my mother must have felt when she would come to my shows.  How wonderful she thought they all were, and how much she wished she could have afforded to go to every performance.  That's how I feel.

I went to opening night, and was one of the only audience members yelling out at the appropriate or inappropriate places.  The audience participation for this play is very famous, and I was a bit disappointed that the opening night audience was so quiet.  Didn't stop me.  As my daughter was counting on someone to be brave enough to yell out.  It's funny, but its been so many years since I've seen it with a live audience, that I forgot half of the shit we use to scream at the movie screen back in the 80's.  I promised the narrator that I'd bone up for my next performance. And much to my pleasure and surprise, my daughter was incredibly proud of my comments on her fellow actors.

She shared with me this story:
"So during intermission, the boys (Riff and Frank) were commenting on how much they loved your comments, and then Magenta said, 'Some woman just flipped me off!'  and I said, 'Oh, yeah.  That was my mom.' and she said, 'Oh I HAVE to meet her.'  Then Riff said, 'She should get to come to every show for free just to yell at us.  It was great when she said, "Slaves!" before my Servants (line).'"

Kids today...they just don't remember the old school comments.  An audience member thought I was a plant, and came up to me after the show and said, "You were great, brought back a lot of memories, you even had a lighter."  and I smiled politely and suggested, "You should bring one when you come again, I'm just here to see my daughter."  And he grinned and said, "We will."  Was kinda cool the owner/director of the theater was standing right there and heard it.  Doubt it will get me comp tickets, but hey, you never know.

My trivia team, or a close part of them (4) are taking me with them on the 19th.  Very sweet of My Favorite Bartender to buy my ticket so I can go again.  And my son and his wife may be coming that night as well, which would be perfect.  I guess when I was told I was a 'proud mamma' last night that was the most honest badge to date.  I am.  And wear that badge proudly.  I wish you could all share this with me.  Second generation actress.  Her brother beat her to this in high school, when he was in a play, his one brief moment on stage,with his friend Star.  I remember feeling like this then too, but I knew for him, it was a one time thing, that he hadn't actually been bit by the theater bug.  Diana, however, I believe might have been.  If not bit, at least nipped.  When she comes home from rehearsals  and now performances, her stories are the stories of someone in love with The Theater.  And everything that goes into making a production work, even the things that drive you to drink.  This could be the beginning of something very fun to watch.  And I'm glad I was one of two she thanked in the program for the influence.   

There are so many people I want to share this experience with.  If you are near me and remember our friendship fondly, or if you're still close to me and want a new memory, please try to come to the show, and see our shy girl, that you watched grow up, find her voice.  Right in front of you!  Its magical.