Sunday, February 10, 2013

I Had A Good Time - Boston

Yes Boston.  Guilty pleasure band.  My #1 daughter would say that Boston, Journey, Styx, and Kansas were all the same band, and she wouldn't be far off.  But I don't care.  I had a good time.  What a great little song that really does capture how I feel every time we are together.

Of course this week I haven't had a really good time as I've been sick in bed with the flu.  Missed the entire week of work.  But I'm on the mend and heading back next week.  But that was not a good time.  The worry over my job was not a good time either, and when I showed up for work on Saturday was told the phone lines were down, and not working properly so there would be no telemarketing today. grrr.  Hope they get them fixed on Monday (day off) so that Tuesday I can jump back in.  While my body has needed the week off, my wallet has not.

Looking at the lyrics to this song it shows a couple of things about love that have always been a confusion to me.  The 'Love Is Blind' lyric:  "You can lie, to my face, and I'll believe it, it's ok.  It doesn't matter.."  You know I go there a lot.  I do.  When I'm in love half of my brain goes dormant.  And I become the most gullible woman you have ever met.  I will believe almost any excuse as to why you are late, or not coming at all, or can't see me.  It's ok.  What else can I do.  My hands are tied.  And my heart wants what it wants.  And what it wants is to be adored.  And he does, I can tell, in the moments when we are one, he does.

The other lyric that is important is the hopelessly romantic vision of the future:  "Well I've been in love, but nothing lasts forever, so just hold on long enough, we may still end up together, it's alright."  How pathetic, right?  To hold on to a dream like that?  Well, I think it's romantic.  And I plan on holding on for this ride, because it's the happiest I've been in many, many years.

I both love and hate the way life unfolds before our eyes.  How it teases us with possibilities both attainable and not so.  How it dares us to rise to each new desire, each new challenge.  At least my life isn't boring.  I'll give it that.