Sunday, March 24, 2013

Listening - Sweat Boys

What a week!
I'm slowly but surely feeling more confident at work.  Starting a new career is always a challenge and while I know I shouldn't expect immediate success, I think sometimes my bosses do.  Which feeds my anxiety of self fulling prophecy of failure.  The up side of that is I'm so stubborn that I won't give up.  So eventually I know I will succeed.

Romantically it's been another roller coaster week, but ending on a much higher and happier place than last week.  Mr. Charisma has decided not to push me away, for my own good, as originally planned.  And this makes me very happy, for it reaffirms what I had hoped, that no matter what happens in the future, we are meant to be here for each other now.  During this very difficult time for him as he finds himself, and I am honored that he has chosen me to take this journey of discovery.  I kind of feel like Dr. Watson to his Sherlock Holmes.  A necessary companion to bounce ideas off of and reflect and learn with, and at the same time a person who can almost see the ending before him, but is so unsure of himself can't make the intuitive leap without his deductions.  Or his unlikely suggestions actually helping Holmes make his own correct intuitive leaps.  And discovering this is more important than any other chemistry that we have, that binds us to each other like teenagers or newlyweds.

I love that with the intimacy levels we have achieved so quickly, and the growth we both have done already, that we continue to happily surprise each other.

The song this week is not one many of you may have heard before, unless you live here, or know me personally or know The Sweat Boys personally.  They are a local rock/performance artist band, and the leader of that band is a personal friend of mine.  Who, last summer, needed help to write a lyric for a piece of music he had written that sounded a lot like an 80's love ballad.  Of course he thought of me to help him, telling me that I was one of his favorite writers and coming from the era, might help him make it sound like some of the 80's music we love to hate...well love period.

I accepted and we wrote it in an afternoon.  The fastest for us both.  And every time the band has played it, people have come up to them and to me, to say how much they love the song, or it's their favorite of the bands.  (wow...honored, since he rarely writes with others)  Even other bands have extended their hands to me and commented on it or asked if I'd be interested in ever collaborating with their sound.   Early this week,  he posted the link to the song...all finished and ready to share and be put on the first CD.  Being part of this creative process and having something out there that I helped to create has been a great confidence builder.  And I'm so proud to share it with you all here.

Strangely enough, the lyrics we wrote then, fit my romantic life and that also fits with my sense of order.  So here it is, please Listen, and enjoy.