Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fire and Water or Rock and Water?

You are fire, smoldering, a banked and burning ember waiting to be ignited a touch or a smile.

I am water, rushing past, always in a hurry to get round the next bend, to finally reach that calm, deep pool of thought and reflection.

You are earth, immovable and slow to change, but changing with small imperceptible movements, or sudden quakes, and leaving a permanent new landscape after.

Fire and water! Passionate opposites, attracting naturally.  Needing each others differences to complete the cycle.  When you blaze up in a fury or retreat in a dangerous back draft, I am the tempest that puts you out, and calms your quite natural explosions.  At times leaving you with only the charred remains of a once lush scenery; at other times your blaze outlasts my sudden downpour, and remains a small a just lit match beside a calm, clear lake.  Both pure in their untouched forms, and joined forever together in lighting and rain.  Our tempers match in both sudden storms and sudden quenching.   

Earth and water! Seen more frequently together, natural compliments.  Needing each others similarities to complete the cycle.  When you erupt in an earth shattering quake, I am the sudden gush of water that escapes in a geyser to match your climax, or the calm hidden underground stream that silently nurtures your hard exterior.  Only water can penetrate rock, or over time, slowly change its form, or appearance.  Not with the sudden falls of a thunderstorm of rain or the frozen and quite dampening of snow, but with the deep and thoughtful immersion into the oceans of passion and thought.  When my emotions are nothing but a rushing down hill fall of uncontrollable drops of thought, you are the damn at the end of the rapids, that stops my mad rushing into oblivion.  We adjust quickly to each others changing landscapes, even if we sometimes feel slow to catch up.

I am water...where everyone would love to drown....when the rain washes you clean you'll know....the sea changes color, but the sea does not change...does it?....Stevie Nicks understands having too much water....being water.   Being the element that when absent you die, of thirst, and in abundance you drown  My challenge is in finding a happy medium....a bubbling stream, in a quite wood to camp in.