Sunday, September 22, 2013

Back OUT.

Laying flat is boring.  It is also very difficult to type...Need a secretary.  Threw out my back from the minor car accident, where I was hit and run on the 7th.  Then last Tuesday really re-injured it by flying for four hours, to pick up the new caddy and then driving back for 8 hours...the constant sitting strained my back big time.  Spasms and all.  Dr.'s note to miss work on friday and saturday.  Hoping I can go tomorrow.  But this is why the blog is short and only informative.

Its unfortunate really that I don't feel like sitting or standing.  So much has happened this week.  Mr. Charisma and I have decide to date and not be exclusive.  And while we agree he needs the time to be alone and figure out what he wants, its still very scary for us both, and our dreams are plaguing us with near realities, based on fear of losing each other.  We don't want to break up but we might need to.  For him to grow.  Of course the woman in me sees this as a way for him to grow away from me.  BUT get was my idea.  Not his.  And it's working.  We are both less worried and stressed, but somehow still feel very connected.

Must walk around now, and then get flat on my back again.