Sunday, February 16, 2014

Live From The Windy City! Its Sunday Morning!

I just couldn't resist ripping off Saturday Night Live.  And now that I'm here and almost settled in, (we are going to buy my bed today and I'll be off the air mattress soon) I'm feeling more and more like its home.  I miss my kids and my friends, but I've brought some things with me that remind me of them and I have them placed around my space.  Scheduling is coming together and we are working out days off and pay days and time for all of us to have some adult time alone.  It does sometimes take a village to raise a couple of energetic boys.

On the personal front, Ginger Snap would say I've been golden since I got here because I've been eating breakfast, lunch and dinner.  (he's a very cute 6 year old and very good at reminding me when I need to be good and have a golden day.  He gets golden when he does all his homework, and chores, which consist of picking up his toys, and clothes and being nice to Sammy Bo Baggins)  So, I'm already taking better care of myself as I take care of them, and I knew that would be the case.  I'm also not drinking or partaking in any other forms of self medication.  Which I can't say that I miss that much, but  I do miss the friends I partied with; and I know they are only an instant message away.

While my kids and family in my gaming group are not gaming today because our Head Pirate Yarr, has some work thing, I have arranged to be available every Sunday at 6pm via Skype or Google Hangouts for our weekly adventures.  And that makes me very happy.  I loved hanging out with my adult children and our friends once a week.  I will miss the noms, but I will have my own.

On another personal front I feel as if the separation from all the memories is doing me a world of good.  I have very fond memories of Mr. Hopeful and my wish is that he will try to chat with me more often like Mr. Practical does.  I do miss his friendship above all else.  And who knows, maybe we will see each other again, you just never know.  And he would remind me to quit writing my own ending, and just live.  Which is exactly why I live my life and take the next step in my adventures.   I'm only a little sad that Mr. Hopeful could not or did not want to accompany me any further in my journey.  But I'm not angry at him.  I'm finding that I'm not feeling much of anything at all towards Mr. Charisma.  Which I also think is great progress.  Nature said to me on my last night in town, "When you don't want to hurt him anymore or have him hurt you will know you are really over him."  Ah Nature....She is so wise, and it's true.  While Satan and Death nodded their agreements I could tell that some of my oldest and dearest friends were on my side.  No sadness, just good hopes for my future.  As I have for all of theirs.

Now that Sammy Bo Baggins and Ginger Snap have had their waffles, I think it might be time for me to snag some as well.