Sunday, March 16, 2014

Jedi Training Continues

I am re-introducing Ginger Snap to the Star Wars movies, since the last time he saw them he was five and he's getting some pretty cool Star Wars toys for his seventh birthday, (starting this weekend with a visit from one of his grandma's, and continuing next weekend with his birthday party and my secret present the first season of the Clone Wars and the movie that started it)  So with that in mind I started him on The Phantom Menace yesterday after grandma left, and he loved it.  He was so happy this morning that he dreamed about Star Wars last night.  And after breakfast we are going to continue with Attack of The Clones.  Now his new Anakin Skywalker doll that changes into Darth Vader complete with changing movie lines from both characters AND a light saber that also transforms from blue to red with the costume change, is making more sense to him.  SO since I'm a Star Wars fanatic, this weeks blog is being preempted by one of my favorite things.....getting another little boy hooked on one of my favorite sci-fi universes.  When he's a little bit older, Star Trek, Dr. Who and the Twilight Zone.  Let the Jedi Training begin.....again.