Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fight Night America!

Had a great time last night at the Fight Night America show.  I haven't gotten to see Second Daughter perform in a play since she was in college.  Her costuming is great and theatre companies tend to take advantage of a good costumer when one comes along, but last night I got to see her act again.  And it was wonderful.  Fight Night goes on here in Chicago twice a year, and it's a group of eight ten minute plays all original works written by local artists. And performed by their theatre companies.  Second Daughters company, Strange Loop (follow link) has a picture up of her that is much better than the one I took.  (she's the one sitting down)  Anyway, theirs was the only serious fight play in all eight and believe me after the show my cheeks were hurting from all the laughter.  Every play is a ten minute fight scene, and if necessary complete with blood.  As actors they get to opportunity to fine tune their stage fighting skills and learn how to make blood packs.  Lots and lots of blood packs.

After the shows, as tradition would have it, we hung out at the bar downstairs from the theatre, with all the actors and writers and directors from the evening.  And of course the audience which was full of more actors and writers and directors.  Second Daughter made me a surprise birthday cake, since my birthday is tomorrow, and brought it with her.  She unveiled it at the after party, and a great many new friends were made around the cake.  To get a piece they only had to wish me a happy birthday.  Fun!  And full of surprises.  One director/writer came up and I found out his birthday is the same as mine, only about 25 years later.  LOL  And we toasted Bastille Day together being the only people in the room intimate with the date.  Another of the actors actually sang happy birthday to me in Polish for his piece.  He was the first one too. Very original and very gay.  I talked to a lot gay guys last night and that's always fun and then there was one, very not gay, that I actually allowed to talk to me.  I found the needle in the haystack!  He was nice, unattached, and we broke the ice with a piece of birthday cake.  And then he actually helped explain to people as they came up that all they had to do was wish me a happy birthday and get a piece of cake.  Nice.  Eventually as the cake was depleted by hungry actors, I think Polish Guys actor partner from the scene had three, we discussed the coming zombie apocalypse.  He approves of my crow bar weapon and admits he needs more guns before he can come to my island on my boat.  Of course we decided the next time we see each other to discuss it more and that we were sure if the zombies attacked before then, we would run into each others crew and be able to say, "I knew you'd make it."

As much as I'm making light of this encounter it is important in its own right.  For a few good reasons.  1.  This guy seemed single, no woman on his arm, and I was not afraid to talk to him.  2.  I didn't just sit and watch the room, I tried to talk to strangers.  3.  It felt good to be accepted and not judged by anyone in the room.  (well accept the girls that looked longingly at the cake, like it was Johnny Depp, but couldn't either swallow their pride and wish another woman a happy birthday, OR couldn't risk their diets...Youth is wasted on the young.)

Since Second Son is off work today, he and Second Daughter and First Daughter are taking me out to eat at a French restaurant for my birthday and perhaps drinks after.  I don't expect it to be as late an evening, since we got in at 3 am this morning, but you never know.  Let Birthday week begin!  I miss my fellow cancers in Wisconsin this week and next as I'm sure the birthday month will continue there without me, but you all are in my thoughts with fond memories of birthday's past that we shared.  Believe me if I could get there I would.

So as Pink would say, Raise Your Glass, and celebrate with me another year gone, and another on the horizon.  Oh and don't forget the cake.