Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Wonderful Thing About Tigers- Oh Stuff and Fluff! THINK THINK THINK.

Sammy Bo Baggins and I this morning, me with my coffee and he with a secret sprinkled covered donut and milk.  Nothing is more sweet than special quiet time with one single child that loves you.  He applauded this mornings breakfast after eating all the sprinkles off his donut.  The sugar has not quite hit him yet, and his joyful cooing is the exact background I need this morning.  Every morning.  He is the most joyful child I have met since First Son.  Just happy to sit with me and tell me what's on his mind, even if I can't understand all his words yet, they will come, and I can't wait to hear what he has been thinking about.

I expect Ginger Snap to be up within the hour, and then the morning will become a bit louder.  But it is a joyful noise as well.  Ginger Snap and I had our special day most of yesterday, and today it is First Daughter's turn.

By 10 am I shall be with First Daughter at breakfast before we go to the Chicago Art Museum to see the Bowie exhibit.  Can't wait for some more adult time.  Speaking of adult time, if you get the chance to see the complete reunited Fleetwood Mac go.  Just go.  Even the cheep seats are well worth it.  I missed the Songbirds vocal harmonies more than I thought, and I'm all about the Gypsy in that band, and I loved it, even though it wasn't the Stevie Nicks show this year.

But if you'll excuse me, I'm introducing Sammy Bo Baggins to Winnie the Pooh's adventures, the movie from my childhood, and my children's....and after introducing Ginger Snap to Back To The Future over the past few weekends, I must not miss this.  Sammy Bo Baggins is as enrapt with Winnie the Pooh as Ginger Snap was with a time traveling train.  :)