Sunday, July 10, 2016

Wake Up America! Revolution Now!

This has been a difficult week for humans in America.  Especially if you have an opinion about what has been happening to black America and our police force.  Now I'm not generalizing, but it's happening in so many places that I'm forgetting the cities and the names of the victims.  This is a form of shock.  And I think no matter what your opinion you might be able to agree that you are in shock or at least surprised at what's been happening.  How out of fear we are attacking each other and bringing about a possible martial law from our government. 

Now I'm not one of those that wants guns taken away.  I don't think that's possible or safe.  Criminals will always find a way to get what we don't want them to have.  I'd like to see them more regulated but so would a lot of gun owners.  So having a gun to protect your home is your constitutional right.  Or is it?  Wasn't that amendment created for a militia?  Oh and didn't they carry muskets back then, not automatic weapons?  I was interested in the amount of people that had guns on them during the sniper attack of the policemen in Dallas, and not one of them (20) tried to stop what was going on.  But wasn't that a huge argument over having concealed carry?  That we could step in and protect the innocent or attacked?  However I've always suspected that most citizens only want a gun in their home, to protect from theft or attack in their homes.   That none of the concealed carry people would really ever interfere once the police were on the scene for fear of doing the wrong thing and being charged with a crime.  If this is the case then why do we need to be armed in public as citizens?  Having 20 innocent civilians running to get away from the sniper and the sniper, who do the police chase?  Who is guilty?  Who is among the snipers possible helpers?  Could it look like there were 21 snipers to the police?  Dallas could have been even more tragic if the police had been twitchy that day. 

And that's another thing.  Our police are getting twitchy.  And they were before Dallas.  This will just make it worse.  I understand that the sniper was upset, we all are.  But violence like this is not the answer.  White people need to step up for our black brothers and sisters and we need to be more outraged than they are.  We need to be vocal.  We need to stop our friends and family from answering All Lives Matter after Black Lives Matter.  Because that's not the point is it?  Of course all lives matter.  What we need to make our judicial system and police system understand is that EVERYONE deserves the privileged that white America gets when stopped by the police, or at a hearing judged by our peers.  Its stressful enough to be in that situation without having to worry that you might die or be sent to jail for most of your life for a crime that a white person gets 6 months (3 months with good behavior). 

It doesn't stop with those rights and privileges.  There are many more inequalities among black, brown, female, gay groups that rich white men with power are undermining.   And we as a nation need to wake up and realize they are trying to turn us against each other.  If they can play upon old fears from before the civil war, or during the 1960's civil rights movement, then they have won.  If they can get us to fight each other then we won't notice the martial law descend or be able to stop our rights being stripped away from us.  The Constitution was written by our forefathers to protect us from a government that could happen in the future.  A government like the one we have grown into now.  I'm afraid for my fellow Americans.  America used to be the place people ran to for freedom.  I wonder where we can run.....