Sunday, July 31, 2016

Don't Boo, Vote

If we don't pull together now we never will.  If the threat is more of the same vs dictatorship, I'll take more of the same.  If the choice is to stand together for real change just to watch a dictator gain power because we are a split party between democratic, liberal and green, I can't do that.  I've seen presidential candidates lose because a third party got just enough votes to make it impossible for the right man to win.  And Bush won.  Gore did not.  And Nadar walked away with votes that could have gone to Gore.  A man who believes in science and global warming lost to a man who got us so far in debt we crashed and sent us to an unwinnable war for oil.  Had Gore won, perhaps a lot of what Nadar stood for would have found its way into being law.  Just as I believe if Hillary wins a lot of what Bernie tried to do will find its way into law.  I believe Bernie is still a powerful politician for the people and will do more good on the floor than in the Oval. 

I honestly believe that a hot headed, emotion driven man, like Trump should not have his hand on the button to send bombs to countries over a disagreement in business.  He will treat the presidency like a reality show and not as if real lives were at stake or the consequence of his decisions.  We the people won't matter to him as much as it will to Hillary.  Or to Stein or to Johnson.  But we as a party can't even get behind one third party candidate like in the Gore/Bush/Nadar year.  So the votes for a real change will be even further split.  I'm willing to listen with both the hemispheres of my soul in full attendance.   My heart and mind will be united come November when I cast my vote.  But if my chosen party is still divided, I will vote for the person who is most likely to win against a dictator.  I will not be part of THAT problem.  My parents talked of Hitler and his rise to power with great awe and wonder at how it happened so fast, and the poor German people split forever by his tyranny.   They spoke highly of the Roosevelts and never blamed them for their wealth only marveled at their ability to see outside of their birthright and want to help everyone.  They created a middle class in this country when it was unfathomable just how many were unemployed.  For an idea of what FDR inherited watch the PBS documentary on The Roosevelts.   The Clinton's may be the only people in Washington that can save us from a dictator.  The Obama years have been a climb back for many of us, and history-making eight years.  I'm for more history making in electing the first Woman President of the United States and also the first person to have been A First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State before being President.  But let me make myself as clear as I can.  I will elect anyone that is running now before a dictator. 

Here is the problem as I see it.

This means I have to trust my media.

Which I do not.  They will tell us who to vote for and right now they are telling us to vote for Hillary.  That she alone is the only one that can beat a dictator.  When we know her numbers aren't that great against him, not like Bernie's was.  And if Bernie's followers, like me, are this wishy-washy about falling in with Hillary, imagine how close this race is going to be?  She will scramble now to get us all behind her.  She has no choice but to promise us the moon.  And then be called a liar for not being able to deliver it.  No one could give us the moon!  But the only thing the dictator will give us is hate and fear.  He will also give us a police state and take away more of our freedoms than you can imagine and very quickly.  No, he doesn't have supreme power, yet. But the powers he does have, with the right 'event', would surprise you.  He can do many things on his own and the house and senate are his party right now. 

So the real problem is not just the Presidency, but the over 80% of the House and Senate up for re-election.  We need terms  set like the Presidency to get rid of our long term politicians who have destroyed this country and we need to stop electing the ones with all the experience.  All the boys club.  I know what you're thinking.  Hillary is the one with all the experience.  She's a part of the boys club.  And that by my logic the dictator should win.  And that's what scares me.  This logic of mine says that we must run from the experience and embrace change.  But not his change.  We must never forget what can happen when you give a small man with no control over his emotions and rage, power.  We must remember Napoleon, Hitler, and Kahn. 

We have the power to elect a woman with experience that knows how to deal with foreign powers and already has a good relationship with them.  Even if you don't agree with the relationship she has that relationship has kept war from our shores for eight years.  We have the power to give her a Democratic, Green and Liberal House and Senate.  Here is where we can make the right and great change.  The republican party is splitting too.  There are republican's backing Hillary because they see this writing on the wall and realize nothing is more important than stopping a dictator.  That we need to rise together to do this as a nation and sort out other issues after he is not a threat. 

I am amazed at the amount of people in my country that believe a dictator will give them what they want.  And that some of them, most of them, want what he is preaching.  This election has been the saddest of my adult life so far, because it has shown me that the stereotype of the bigot in America is not something from our embarrassing past, but is still running rampant across this great country, driving pickup trucks, shooting automatic weapons, and just waiting for it to be fashionable again to bring out the good linen and the lynching ropes.  The old saying 'the south will rise again' may be closer than you think.