Sunday, July 24, 2016

What Happened To The Golden Rule

What a week.  So many stressful things happened since my birthday.  My bronchitis flared up.  First Daughter had a huge break up with Fave.  Friends have had falling outs with family members.  Scammers tried to convince me if I didn't pay back taxes that I don't owe to them via electronic cards or at my door, I was going to jail.  Funny they don't even have my current address but the IRS does.  I hate scammers.  Donald Trump won the GOP.  Hillary Clinton won the DNC.  And I'm still trying to wrap my head around voting for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson.  Go GREEN!  Go Liberal!  But don't go two party.  We really need to fix our country and our earth, and the same old same old is not going to do it. Where are the Roosevelt's, Lincolns, and Carters....the presidents from privilege that tried to help ALL Americans?  Because they felt that was their duty for BEING PRIVILEGED. 

I feel like my own little world has enough stress in it without the entire world going crazy.  What's happening to everyone.  We have so many problems in our world that need fixing and everyone is focused on an issue.  Weather it's equality for women or black lives matter.  We are passionate.  Some of us are passionate about everything.  We are the ones that get called crazy when we don't agree with the rich, white, men that are trying to rape this world as they have raped us since the beginning of time.   

I'm getting really sick of egotistical, privileged, white people making every issue about them.  Black lives matter.  Period.  Stop adding all lives matter.  You sound stupid.  Stop trying to make the raping of women the woman's fault.  You sound stupid.  Stop electing senators and representatives for life long service and giving them the power to tell you how to have children, or who to have sex with, or how to kill innocent people and children for oil, or poison our food, or kill our climate.  You know this isn't Star Trek...we have no other planet to go to. 

My mind wont shut off, from all the chatter of the world and all the hate that is in it.  I find it harder and harder to believe in my fellow human, like I once did as a child.  I was taught the police were there to protect you, now I'm as afraid of being accused of being attacked at attacked.

We need to remember that we are all humans.  We are star stuff.  We are souls wearing meat suits traveling on a planet shaped space ship through the universe at speeds unimaginable, and our favorite pastime is hurting and killing each other.  If I were mother nature I'd select us for extinction.  And perhaps that's exactly what is going on.

Welcome to the hottest year on record...again...but global warming is a lie.
I'm sick of humans
I'm sick of hate
I'm sick of stupid people that don't care and hide behind being Christians
I'm sick of being ashamed of my race