Sunday, November 6, 2016

Daylight Saving Time - Fall Back To Real TIme

Clocks fell back an hour last night.  I don't own any clocks that aren't tied into some higher artificial intelligence which magically turns all my clocks forward or back on their own.  And before you go there, no I don't own a microwave.  I've always hated daylight saving time in the spring when we spring forward.  I much prefer it in the fall when we go back to real time.  And I've often wondered how difficult is it for American's living in Arizona and Hawaii, where they don't observe the changing of the time, to conduct business with other states in the nation once this occurs.  For them it's added math to know when NY is really awake and visa versa.  I guess that's why Arizona and Hawaii are more vacation destinations than the hubs of Big Money. (cue RUSH song) 

I hope on Tuesday our clocks don't fall back fifty years.  I know I should be writing something important about the coming election but I'm all election-ed out already.  I voted early,  and while I'm sure it will be exciting and historic and tragically boring to watch the election results, I'm equally sure I'll be gaming at the same time or watching some show I missed on HBO or Netflix.  Voting early it feels like it's done for me and I'm just waiting for results.  I'm hoping it will be a landslide in favor of my personal choice but I'm fearful of the outcome of this election.  No matter which way it goes. 

It's split our country in a very real and perhaps dangerous way.  I remember when Obama was elected for his first term and I heaved a happy sigh of relief and wondered if he would be assassinated.  It seemed like so many underpaid white trash (my father one of them) were yelling that it couldn't have happened in their lifetime or country.  I'm happy most of his prejudiced generation is gone, even if they were some of our best remembered vets.  I had hoped when that generation was gone we would be left with hippies and a generation of love but you know there were just as many uneducated white trash from the sixties that fueled the civil war then as they are now...oh wait they just grew older and had kids they taught to hate and the cycle just continues.  I don't blame Trumps podium rhetoric for creating this group of people, I blame him for making it easy for them to come out of the shadows and yell obscenities at us from the backs of pick up trucks again.  I know it never really stopped but since Trump, its become even more frequent now.  Easier for some people to say what they have been feeling all along.  'I guess if a guy running for President can be a bigot so can I.'  Or so I imagine the logic of their thinking process must run.  If you can say bigotry and lack of manners or upbringing has logic. 

I worry about what happens if Trump wins?  How much of his agenda will he be able to achieve towards running our country like a CEO.  Which the President can't do with the checks and balances in place.  But how many of them can he decree, by presidential veto or laws, into changing my America into his America? Or worse if Hillary wins will she be our first woman president and also assassinated?  We've already heard Trump say he may not accept a Clinton victory making him the first person in the history of our country not to have a smooth takeover of power.  What if there is a another civil war between the red and blue states over this election no matter which way it goes? Right now my family and loved ones live in blue states, but what happens if our country goes into a civil war over this?  Will we see bloodshed over this as we did over the salves and industrial revolution? 

This election has made me feel very old before my time.  I'm so tired of disappointment in life, and now I feel a great disappointment in my country that almost half of them are full on voting for a man that I find as dangerous as Hitler.  I wonder how long it takes to get a passport...