Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Dictator and the Pants Suit Queen

I was added to the best closed group a few days ago and once I spent some time in it I quickly added other women of like mind to join.  I initially thought it was just for women, so I neglected to add any of the males on my friends list that think like me, but I might choose to amend that, I might not.   You see it's been really nice to see my Facebook pop up with a heartfelt story about what it's like to be a woman today.  So many of us fight the same battles each day.  I've not shared any of my personal stories there, I don't feel a need, but I know if I did, it would be welcomed and not judged.  Some of the men in the group have shared their stories of their sisters or mothers which has also been so uplifting.  It's been a life saver to my sanity, as the election grows closer, and my Republican and Democrat friends keep posting meme upon meme of what they think is truth or humor. 

Well, it's making my head spin.  And I find my anxiety levels have risen just reading some of them not to mention the comments I get tagged in, which, because of my curiosity I have to read.  The Soldier is a good example and I had to hide his stream for fear of letting my kind nature getting trampled by my feminist side that WILL NOT be pushed around any longer by any white male or female privilege.   It's what will get me stabbed or shot in Chicago.  Not moving out of the way of a younger white woman in the grocery store who believes she has the right of way, of the entire isle, only due to her pocketbook size.  "I bet she dives the same way." I say under my breath.  Or the white young man who wont move to the side to allow a much older woman lugging groceries in a pull cart behind her, obviously out of breath.  Nope I just stand in his way and smile until he moves or gets the point.  And it's not always young men.  I've had men my age not move either. I always move for my elders.  Always.  But I was raised to respect my parents and anyone with more experience than I.   Where have all the gentlemen and ladies gone?  Do we not teach our children to respect our elders anymore?  I know I taught mine to, and I know I teach every child I nanny that important behavior. 

You see manners start young, and if they aren't enforced at a young age, like flossing, people just tend to skip it.  I love the family I nanny for, they never treat me like a servant.  I've been lucky none of the family's I've nannied for have.  But I choose families to work for that I believe don't have the foggiest idea how to treat someone like a servant or grew up with servants and understand that we are people with our own families and not another possession.  It's not hard to spot either, the families that will treat you like you don't matter.  They usually have outlandish rules or no rules for their little ones and expect you to do EVERYTHING for their children so they don't have to raise them at all.  I would never work for people that think this is the norm because I couldn't raise their children to be like them.  Which is what you do as a nanny.  You don't raise them to be like you or your kids.  These rude, and I'm embarrassed of my race to say it, white people must never have been taught that they were wrong, or had to apologize when wrong or that the world doesn't owe them a god damned thing. 

I can't imagine the country getting any better with Trump as president.  I voted yesterday, by mail for the first time in my adult life.  And it felt really good to take my ballot to the post office and send it on it's way.  If Hillary isn't elected, I will be sad for my country.  I might even have to consider leaving it for Mexico, as I can't afford Canada.  Since I'm a white woman that doesn't look like Trumps wives and won't raise my hand in a very similar Nazi salute to his Orangness, I will be pushed under the bus just like all the people of color, or people of fluid genders, or people of every religion other than Christians, or people that get food stamps, or people that believe its a woman's right to choose, or men and women that are gay/lesbian or bi, or people that want water over oil, or people that are tired of war, or people that want our country to be respected world wide not hated because of our President.  This election has turned into a moral one, and I know it's wrong to unfriend people because of political differences.  That would be just like them, wouldn't it?  So I don't.  I hope and pray to the goddess that they might be swayed in the final moments to see the evil he is and how he has cloaked himself in lies and telling the public what it wants to hear rather than who he really is. 

It's not to late to stand up for your gender, your race, your religion, and your culture and fight for what is right.  No one is perfect, I'm not saying Hillary is but she's worlds more qualified for this job than he is.  And if she doesn't win it will be another very obvious promotion an over qualified woman lost to an under qualified man, because he's a MAN. 

Most of the friends I have that are Trump supporters have said they are voting for him because he's a man that speaks like a normal human without the political double talk.  Or that he's not part of the machine so can't be corrupted like the rest.  I say they are living a dream on that last one.  Ultimate power always corrupts, ultimately.  I don't care what your upbringing is.  It's why our best and brightest don't want to run.  They understand this principal and don't want to be tempted or see who they would turn into.  And on the first part of that, listen to him in the debates, really listen to him talk, he says nothing.  His extemporaneous speaking says nothing to answer any question put to him.  It's just rhetoric designed to get the crowd going.  He's an entertainer.  A reality show host.  A con artist businessman that has pulled the wool over so many peoples eyes in this country that I feel like the Germans and Polish in 1938 that didn't support Hitler.  I'm actually amazed he's gotten this far. 

I will, as an American, defend all of your rights to your own opinions on this election.  For that is what free speech is all about.  Please, respect mine.