Sunday, April 9, 2017

It's PJ's Sunday!

Are you like me? Do you work hard all year and when it's time for vacation you get sick?  That happens to me a lot.  But, so far, not this year.  Not sure how I am going to fill up all the time, and that's the best feeling in the world.

No schedules to keep, no trains to catch, no errands that all have to be done in a small two day weekend.  Just well earned time to do what ever I want.  And I live in Chicago so the possibilities are endless.  And I can skip the weekend crush of people and go downtown to shop on a weekday.  Like the 'women who lunch' do.  Maybe I'll even lunch. 

Of course I have some specific things I'm getting done just because it's convenient.  Like a check up with my doctor and coloring my hair.  (pictures will follow)  Spring cleaning and going out for walks instead of playing at the park with the little ones.  And a Murder Tour of Chicago showing some of the major spots where some of the major players in the field of serial killing did their deeds.  Like H.H. Holmes (The Devil in the White City) and the Killer Clown John Wayne Gacy.  There is a separate tour that covers all the mob murders like St. Valentines Day Massacre.  But I booked this one for two reasons.  One First Daughter and her friend love true crime stories and I loved the Devil in the White City book and took the 1893 Worlds Fair Tour last summer for my birthday.  It was so interesting to see the outside and inside of the beautiful buildings that were built before that famous Worlds Fair, and see some that had survived the great Chicago Fire.  This tour will fill in some of the blanks of that one and focus specifically on H.H. Holmes and his murder house.  (pictures will follow)

Initially I was very disappointed that my First Daughter and her friend were not coming for the tour and Easter weekend.  I miss her.  And I was stuck with these two tickets I didn't want to go to waste.  They don't refund.  But I managed to sell them to a friend and her husband who will be coming with me.  So I still get to go and not alone.  Which is always better for me.  I hate to do things alone.  Actually I should clarify that.  I hate to do things alone in public.  That sounds strange doesn't it?

I mean if you enjoy your own company, and I say I do.  Then why wouldn't I enjoy my own company among company?  Doesn't make sense does it?  I mean I know I can fake being an extrovert, I have some qualities, but for the most part I am an introvert.  Or as I quoted a few blogs ago and many times before an ambivert.  A person who has parts of both.  So this vacation, without First Daughter, will be interesting to see how much I actually do get out. 

I'm hoping I at least go for a walk everyday.  And I'm already trying to figure out how to justify staying in bed with my tech toys all day.  Maybe just one day in my PJs all day is warranted.   What better attire to write in, than your PJs.  Here's to day two of vacation, which I proclaim to be PJ's Sunday.  Take the PJ's Sunday Challenge and don't get dressed.