Sunday, January 15, 2012

You Can Never Get Enough Of What You Really Don't Need -Eric Hoffer

When I stumbled upon this quote, at first I found it curious, then quickly compelling and finally profound.  As I sat with coffee in one hand, and my laptop for both, it occurred to me that I am addicted to so much in my life that I think I need.  It feels like I need coffee every morning, and maybe something else a bit more strong every so often....every night....every day off.....

...It sure feels like I need to check in with my social network every morning.....afternoon if time....evening to relax after work.....and the games to amuse myself while I wait for friends and lovers to chat with, they sure feel like I should be there for them complete with countdown clocks of doom

...There are people, too that I feel like I can't live children,...friends with and without benefits....what if they were to suddenly be dead or disappear from my life, I'd actually not want to live anymore. But is this accurate?

I know for a fact I can live without the coffee every morning, or the somethings stronger, because there have been many years in my life when I have lived quite happily without either.  And as for the people, while their presence in my life is why I get out of bed each day, I know I've gotten out of bed each day prior to ever having met them and would again.

So why have vices and people we love if we really don't need them?
If all we really need we actually get, and to our fill, or we'd stop.  Why do we yearn so for things we really don't need?  What is the real addiction behind wanting more...
Why do we feel like a failure when we give into our desires?
Our needs?
Its an interesting idea, kind of freeing isn't?  When you really start to believe, intellectually, that the only thing you really need you find a way to have.  And you have it.  No matter the cost, risk, or guilt.  In the end, we do what we want, or at least try.  Knowing that you are trying is as important as succeeding.  Sometimes more.  Its something to hold on to when you feel like staying in bed.  Getting out of bed, trying, is the best thing you can do, every day.  Besides, you know you want to, so do it.  Do it for you, and you alone.  Because in the end you really are all you have, and all you need.
Cheers! :D