Sunday, September 30, 2012

Oktoberfest 2012

Yep, its that time of year again, Oktoberfest one of the best things about fall.  You get to drink in the streets and everyone comes out to say "HI"  Its like a city sponsored block party.  I only wish it had an open bar.  It becomes more and more expensive every year and I'm a poor white woman.  So I have learned how to have a cheap to free Oktoberfest.  And it helps that it doesn't take a lot of stimulants to get me going.

My Oktoberfest, so far, ours is one of the biggest in the nation and lasts for 9 days or some such drunken nonsense.  Officially it kicks off on Friday at noon with the tapping of the golden keg...sounds like something out of a Billy Murray movie, but it's true. MY Oktoberfest kicked off Thursday with a quickly put together long lunch with Mr. Hopeful.  Excuse me for a minute while I sigh and remember his everything.

Yeah that actually took a lot longer in real time than it did for you.

Friday I worked all day, and at 5pm my Fest began.  My daughter, who will turn 24 on Wednesday, and is having a costume party at the local gay bar on Tuesday, is in a local theater production of The Rocky Horror Picture show.  For those of you that know the show she's playing the usherette and sings Science Fiction Double Feature.  I'm so proud.  Anyway, the cast was performing a preview at the Northside Fest grounds on Friday night, and of course I represented.  And of course she was wonderful.  I could actually hear her over the people and horrible sound system.  When she hit the stage I was so proud and my first thought upon seeing her in this costume was, "OMG she IS my daughter....Look at those LEGS!  Every guy that is my friend and not her dad or brother is going to say, pretty much the same thing, with a possible added, YES! and fist pump for the twenty to thirty year olds.

After I came home for a few and got my pre-downtown buzz on, texted a few girl friends and guy friends and told them where I was going to be.  Didn't tell any of the toys, but did tell the entire A Team, as I always do, just in case.  You love to have the A Team show up for a party.  And Mr. Hopeful was instrumental in convincing me I should go out alone and have fun.  Maybe I'll meet someone amazing.  And guess what?  I did.

It was a very strong recognition.  I've had them before and they always end up very important people in my life, and  in some form or another end up staying involved in my life, even if its long distance because of Life.  So I took the feeling serious.  She did too.  She is 37 (what is it with that generation and me?)  and looks like I imagine Cleopatra must have really looked....with that black hair that dreads so easily, and beautiful caramel colored skin that I will never have. (I'm peaches and cream with the sunburned picture on my profile to prove it) We tried and tried to come up with a connection of who we knew in this life that we could have met through.  And nothing.  NOTHING!  That in and of itself is strange, because I know a lot of people that function in a lot of different realms of society in this town.  Finally we decide it doesn't matter we have met now, and it must be 'past life intruding on present time'.  Thank you Ghostbusters.  While I could blog for hours on how similar our lives have been so far down to our childrens age difference and her husband being in a band, and her first childbirth experience and gender is very similar to mine, and my first one wasn't routine...we have the same birthday!  This was when the goose pimples started.  And we got each others sense of humor in the first three sentences of realizing we didn't know each other but knew each other.  THAT is also rare.  Very rare.

At one point in time by the bar, My Twin and her girlfriend were comparing the size of their you you....and knowing the A Team was not meeting me(although they are gonna wish they had when they read this), I dressed like a boy, with girly you do.  They were not dressed like boys so they could compare by standing and adjusting their posture, I had to pull up my T-shirt to be able to show them they were outclassed.  They both said, "Right ON!"  Shortly after that we were hugging and realizing that we might have been twins in a past life....we just knew.  Something clicked inside both of us and as we hugged we both said, almost at the same time, "I've been looking for you for a long time." I can't wait to read her cards.  We also found out that we tend to adopt girl friends as sisters...lots of them....but none of them are quite right.  No offense, my little sisters, but this may be my twin.  We both have never called any of them twin, except when meeting others with our birthday, and calling them Corsican Twin.  After the Corsican Brothers (french novel or Cheech and Chong movie...take your pick).  But it's never had this feeling of 'right' and 'found' attached to it....except with BoBo and Death.  But they are boys...not twins.

We exchanged digits and they went on their way but came back in time for the shows.  Nimbus (my new favorite progressive rock instrumental band) and The Sweat Boys (wrote a song with the founding member of the band-who has a built in alias-Benny Sweat.  His wonderful wife....who shall be called Bette after her fabulous Bette Paige bangs...was there, and I love rare moments to bond with the wives of my male friends).  Anyway we all danced all night to each others bands and our song was a hit with Nimbus...even though it had words. ;)  I danced all night!  I haven't done that in so long that I was sore the next morning....of course some of that could have been due to Thursday --hehee....

Saturday after about 4 hours of sleep I was up and flirting on line with Mr. Hopeful....a beautiful weekly event....I headed downtown again, for the Oktoberfest Parade.  And it was a blast.  Ran into so many of my Pat Head friends!  And got so many hugs, I decided that it should be required for anyone who is depressed. The hugs alone will cure you!  Mr. Applefest gave the best one, picked me right off the ground and gave me a kiss on the cheek.  Now that's a hello!  I'll see you at Pat McCurdy on Thursday.  I can't wait, that will be the closing of my Oktoberfest, and I might be able to make my Parade girl friends house after for the Tourchlight Parade of Oktoberfest goes right past her house....or I might just hang with the Pat Heads...who knows.

I was and am happy that I could just flow with the chaos of no planning or very little planning for this weekend.  Not my normal comfort zone at all.  After all I am Fate and that Tapistery just don't get 'done'.  It takes a lot of planning.  Chaos is not my normal state, but I enjoyed myself so much that I might consider doing that again.