Monday, December 1, 2014


What a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend.  Here it is Monday morning and I'm a day late posting, (because somehow I locked myself out of my google, but am now recovered).  FIVE days off for Thanksgiving.  I feel so European.  I hope everyone was as surrounded by love and friendship as I was this Thanksgiving, and while I miss those of you that I couldn't get to, I know you are there wishing me well as I do you.

My Thanksgiving was spent with First Daughter, just us.  First Son and his wife were working and couldn't make the trip, nor would it have been easy for us to come to them.  But  we are shooting for Christmas.  I hope it can happen, I miss my son more than he knows.  My First Daughter and I ate all the turkey and sides we could stuff into ourselves, and built a Lego Death Star while watching musicals (Hair and The Book of Mormon) and some Gilmore Girls a new passion of ours.  And  the music was her new assignment of "Who am I now".  Was a wonderful and relaxing time.

Then Friday I left town until Sunday to hang with My Girl and her kids.  My Girl lives over the state line from me so I was able to have an adventure in getting to her.  I love adventures.  I took a bus to the Metra and rode the train as far north as it goes and she picked me up at the station.  Cost me about $10.00 oneway!  Who would ever drive?  I love living in a city with great public transportation. I had so much fun at My Girl's place.  Got to catch up with her and had my first experience smoking medical herbs (NOT THAT KIND OF HERBS!  Ours was a grape flavored molasses based.  No tobacco nothing addictive), and it was so smooth.  I really enjoyed it and it fed an old 'smoking habit' of the oral hand to mouth thingy.  It was quite relaxing.  We also watched some movies we had always wanted to catch and just were lazy.  I felt so at home there, and I usually never feel at home anywhere but home.  I think I'm finally learning how to relax.

I almost got to do and see everyone that I wanted to this weekend.  I hope to make it further north for Christmas.  The people I left behind up there I miss more than they know, and my heart is heavy with the fear that I might not see any of them again.  This time of year always makes me sentimental and reminiscent.  I should put up my Christmas tree...but I'm just not in the mood yet.  Maybe later tonight.  I'm really enjoying being a hermit.  Back to gaming.