Sunday, December 15, 2013

Graduation Day!

The most important things happen in an instant, in a flash of your life.  When you look back and compare how long it took to say, "I do," or sadly have to admit, "I don't".  Or the moment when you look into the eyes of your newborn,   holding them for the first time.  Or the moment that same child walks away from you, a little nervous but also a little excited to let go of your hand and walk into school for the first time,  alone.   Or the time it takes to walk across that stage and get your diploma at graduation.  All the preparation, all the time invested, all the planning that goes into the big events of your life seem to vanish in the one fleeting moment of accomplishment.  That wave of relief that washes over you as you know a chapter of your life has just ended and a new one has begun.  Full of exciting adventures and perhaps unique opportunities to accept or decline.  Decisions that will shape your entire life journey can happen in an instant.  And that instant can never be repeated in exactly the same way.  Life and the journey is precious, and the opportunities that await should never be taken for granted for they may be the only chance you ever get to grab that moment.  That feeling of accomplishment, that chance at change.

I watched my youngest daughter cross the stage at her college yesterday, accepting her diploma and acquiring her bachelors degree.  The smile on her face was so joyous, infectious and full of relief.  Her excitement level the entire day was amped to a level that I had not seen in her since her high school graduation...or maybe Christmas morning as a small child, or the weddings of her brother, and sister.  The accomplishment is huge to her but even more so to me as I never chose to go to college, and she is becoming everything I ever wanted to be.  All on her own, and without any prompting from me.  Well, I should amend that I only suggested she go to college, not what she should study.  Her interests are very different from mine in that area, and her journey will also be very different.  I am looking forward to sharing it with her.

Getting to meet her professors that influenced her, and sharing in the moment made me so grateful that our relationship is solid, and I have no doubts that no matter how far she travels in her life, (her plan is to cross the ocean to England) we will remain close, connected, and interested in each others lives.  Perhaps even more than living in the same town and always being so busy.

I have always wanted to go to England and visit, and always been as afraid as my daughter that if I went I might never come back.  She has hinted at as much to prepare me, and all I can say is, "Yay!  Charles Dickens Christmas to look forward to when I visit!  Shakespeare at the Globe!"   The smile of relief on her face is all I need to see to know that I've given her the exact answer she was hoping for.  No guilt, no trying to talk her out of it for any reasons, just the respect she deserves of one adult to another discussing her life and future.

I am proud of all of my children both birthed and adopted to my heart and interested in everything that is happening in their lives.  You all know who you are and for the most part I know you check in on this blog when there is time.  Well, when you read this know this, I care, and I'm here.  As busy as I am, I am never really too busy for you.  So reach out, as you need to, and know that even when you don't I know I'm in your heart as well.