Sunday, December 22, 2013

IMPORTANT EDIT to Big Break Up of 2013 Blog entry

What a strange morning, but a fulfilling one emotionally.  It was lovingly brought to my attention this morning that a wording in my blog could have been taken and perhaps was, hurtfully instead of as intended.  I got a phone call from that friend of Mr. Charisma's to let me know that he IS indeed my friend and not just his.  And the way I worded it, it made him feel diminished and perhaps dismissed,  and that I didn't feel like he was my friend.

Let me take this moment to say that is not what I meant at all but I can see how it reads like that, and I'm glad he brought it to my attention.   You see, in the past I've always felt like I had to give up my friends that were introduced to me by my boyfriend, once we broke up.  Out of loyalty or honor or something like that.  I always felt that having not known them before I met my boyfriend that they were his friends first, and maybe never really mine.  That I was accepted because their friend loved me.  And I assumed I would have to do the same thing this time.

What a wonderful Christmas present to find out there are adults out there that don't take sides and honestly like me for me and want to continue our friendship even if Mr. Charisma and I are not a couple.  That warmed my heart on a day where I have felt cold and alone.  Thank you for setting me straight.  And thank you for coming to my face with it, instead of complaining or worrying behind my back.  Perhaps I truly have found people that are as upfront as I am, and aren't afraid to say it to my face.